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Where is the fuel filter located on a 2002 Jeep Liberty?


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2006-09-23 02:03:36

I am pretty sure it is located in the fuel tank. Yes, the above answer is correct. You have to drill out the pop rivets in the rear-most tie-down hooks located on the floor of the cargo area and remove the hooks. You then roll up the carpeting and remove a "hatch" to get access to the fuel filter, which sits above the fuel tank. Beware, the Mopar factory part is about $175. Once I found out, I decided to wait until my filter was clogged before I would replace it! The fuel filter cost/location and the oil filter location are two of the biggest complaints I have with our 2002 Liberty Limited. Talk about designing things to force you to go back to the ridiculous. I would like to look for a remote fuel filter so I can bypass and remove the one the factory installed. Fuel filters, like oil filters, should be located in an easy-to-access area for frequent replacement.

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