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Where is the fuel pump reset button on a 2003 Chevy blazer?


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GM vehicles are not equipped with a fuel pump inertia switch.

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There is no fuel reset button. Ford was the only car company to use that.

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No there is not. Chevy did not use them on there trucks.

Chrysler does not use reset switches.

Unfortunately There is not a reset oil button ( Like the explorer) at least for the 2003 Expedition ( Eddie Bower model)

The fuel pump reset button on a 2003 Ford Windstar is on the driver's left foot area. It is next to the hood release.

NO. Not even close. Chevy redesigned ALL the TRANSMISSIONS and ENGINES in late 1999. Anything above 1999 WILL NOT FIT anything under 1999.

Push the reset button just to the right of the trip odometer

It should have a 195 degree thermostat.

An 03 would have them all around.

My boyfriend just replaced his fuel pump on his 2003 Chevy s10. I know all the newer models fuel pumps are in the gas tank. He had to drop the tank to replace it. Sucks but that's where it is. I have no idea where the reset is for it though.

The fuel reset button is used when the vehicle is in an accident and the fuel pump needs to be shut off.

You can either bring it in to a Chevy dealer or use a programmer/tuner to reset the check engine light.

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