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Where is the fusebox on the 1997 Subaru Impreza?


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2008-02-03 21:35:07
2008-02-03 21:35:07

It is located behind the small coin tray/hidey hole that folds out beside steering column (underneath fog light switch). At least, it is on a right-hand drive model. You have to forcefully pull the coin tray out to unclip it (don't worry, it won't break). Actually, there are two fuse boxes in the '97 Impreza. One is under the hood, directly behind the battery, and the other is up under the dash on the far left, drivers side. (Left hand drive models.)


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just up under the dash by the fusebox you will see two relays together.

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check the fusebox under the bonnet that's wher mine was.

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just under the dash by the fusebox there is two relays together.

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