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normally the g-power of a Bakugan will be enprinted on the bakugan itself (when its open) but drago and gorem (subterra) doesnt show it that's why i wanted to know

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It doesnt have Gs, I know it sounds crazy but they dont.

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like i have said in other answers thare is no g power for its a trap and only changes your bakugans attrabute

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Q: Where is the g-power on the bakugan trap?
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What isi the most powerful bakugan?

The strongest bakugan is Maxus Helios.I`ve been with my best friend one night(NOT A SLEEPOVER)and both of us connected our own bakugan and we didn`t know what the Gpower was. I had to add. I had to count in the hundreds! Fanilly we found the Gpower. Maxus Helios has a lot of Gpower!

What is the highest gpower you can get in bakugan?

760g because my Stug came with 760

Does a bakugan without gpower have infinite gs?

only if it is wavern,naga or neo dragonoid.

What is a trap Bakugan?

Bakugan Traps are special kinds of Bakugan which are not the traditional sphere in shape. Their function is different too. A Bakugan Trap is an add-on to an already ongoing battle. It either gives a Gpower boost to your Bakugan or changes its attribute to one of your choice. This can be a useful twist in a battle, but is also having the downside that only one can be used in any game. Therefore, use your Trap wisely. For more info on BakuTraps and the like, join the Ultimate BakuLeague on Facebook Groups.

Which Bakugan has the most GsThat is an infitity Bakugan?

well theres bakugan trap bakugan trap has infinity G's(the square bakugan )

Is there a bakugan named trap?

Sort of. There is a TYPE of Bakugan called ''Trap''.

Who is the worst Bakugan trap?

uh mother is the worst bakugan trap

Is wired considered a bakugan trap?

wired is not a bakugan trap but Lync uses wired as a trap

What does Bakugan Trap do?

A bakugan trap is designed with differant shapes. A bakugan trap can only be played after the gate card has been opened,place the bakugan on the gate card *NOTE* the trap must be the same attribute as your bakugan(s) on the gate card. You may change the bakugan attribute to one of the attribute symbols on the trap.

If the Bakugan Trap attribute does not match the regular Bakugan what does that mean?

You can not use the trap

Bakugan trap can you have three Bakugan with bakugantrap?

You use 3 Bakugan (the Ball shaped ones), and 1 Trap.

Where do you find bakugan trap?

Bakugan Sucks