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It is in the clouds on the island of Early Poptropica.

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Where is the giant on Poptropica?

go to early poptropica and go into the clouds.

Where are the clouds in Poptropica?

in the sky ,but if it is not there then there are some in early poptropica where the giant is.

Where is the egg of the giant in poptropica?


Where is the giants egg on Poptropica on early Poptropica?

The giant egg is underground in the sewer

What do you do after you find the egg in poptropica?

take it to the giant

What do you do after you get the golden egg on poptropica?

You give it to the giant.

In Poptropica how do you get to the purple giant in the sky?

You need the golden egg.go to Poptropica Towersclimb up the restaurantclimb up the vinetalk to the giant

Which island is the giant on?

He's on early poptropica island

How do you get the giant squid cryptids island poptropica?

Well, you don't need to find the giant squid

Where is the giant pearl from the kingdom of poseidon in poptropica?

from the kingdom of poiseden

When you give the giant his egg where do you go to get the jetpack on poptropica?

In china

Where is the giant in early Poptropica?

The purple giant is in the clouds above Poptropica Towers (far left in Early Poptropica). All you can see of him is his feet. He will only let you pass if you give him his Golden Egg. It is in the underground cave below Poptropica Towers. You will need the glow stick from the well in Early Poptropica village (far right of the island).

How do you get the golden egg back from the giant on early poptropica?

You don't get it back.The giant keeps it and let's you go forward.

Where is the jet for Poptropica?

You have to first goto early poptropica, then you give the giant his egg, keep going and on the table is the jet pack.

What is the password for giant bunny poptropica?

the password is fuzzybunny the password is fuzzybunny

Where is the bucket in early poptropica island?

I think it's in the giant garden.

Where is the giant snowball on Poptropica?

If you were talking about Time Tangled its in 1799 AD.

How do you get the egg from the bird on Poptropica?

There is no location to get eggs from birds on Poptropica. The Golden Egg is in a cave below Poptropica Towers in Early Poptropica. The Phoenix birds have only their giant eggs on Astro Knights island.

How do you get past the purple giant on Early Poptropica?

You find his golden egg in the cave below Poptropica Towers, and you give it to him. (You need the Glow Stick from the well in Early Poptropica village.)

How do you get to the gaint on Poptropica?

I think you mean giant. First you go to early poptropica and then to the right (Poptropica Towers). Then go at the top of the last building (purplish blue building) there will be a green rope, climb up. There will be a giant but you should give him a golden egg to pass through. you can find it underground.

How do you get on top of the giant on Early Poptropica?

You can't get over him or around him. Go back down and all the way to the Early Poptropica well. There are some glow sticks down in there. Get one and come back to Poptropica Towers. Down in the manhole is a dark cavern where you find the Golden Egg for the giant.

How do you get gas on Poptropica?

ask for help from the giant and eat all the carrots and die

How do you get a poptropica membership code without a card?

fart on a giant rubber mirror

What is the pass word 4 poptropica drhares giant rabbit?

fluffy bunny

Where did the giant lose his leg in Early Poptropica?

The purple giant did not lose his leg, but his egg, a big golden one. It is down in the dark caves below Poptropica Towers. You will need the glow stick that is down in the well in Early Poptropica village.(for precise directions to the Egg, see the related question)

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