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The gold coin is in the fountain on the main room/page on poptropica astro knights. I don't know what to do with it, though.

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โˆ™ 2010-11-25 00:47:08
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Q: Where is the gold coin in astro knights Poptropica?
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Where do you get the gold con on poptropica?

you can get the coin in astro knights island on the fountain

In poptropica astro knights where do you get the gold coin?

you go to the fountin and jump where it is sparkling and you got a coin.

Poptropica where is the gold coin?

Okay. By the foutain in astro knights you should see a shiney spot in there. Then click on the shine and there you have it! The gold coin!(=

How do you get the gold coin on poptropica Astro Knights?

The coin is in the fountain of the spaceship. Jump in the water (not the one on the ground, the one above it) and you should get it.

Where do you get the golden coin in poptropica island astroknights?

When you arive in astro knights got to the spaceship statue and you will see something shine that is the gold coin

Where can you find the gold coin in astro knights?

In the fountain

How do you get a gold coin on Astro Knights Island?

The gold coin in Astro-knights is in the fountain. You will see something glittering in the water, and if you pick it up, it will be the coin. Use it to pay your admission to the Mordred museum.

Where is the second golden coin on Astro Knights Island?

there is not a second gold coin

How do you get the gold con on Astro Knights Island?

to get the gold coin on astro knights you go on to the rocket ship fountin. at some point you will see a shimer. and that's were the gold coin is. hope that helps!

What do you do with the gold coin on poptropica's astro nights?

You use it to pay for the museum

How do you complete Astro Knights Island on poptropica?

i dont even know! but i do know this: that the gold coin is in the fountain and that the library card is under the bed in the museum. and you MUST give the gold coin to the guy before entering.

How do you pay the fee on Astro Knights Island?

There is a gold coin outside in the fountain.

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