Where is the heater blower unit located mine is make a loud noise when its on high any idea thanks?


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probley some kind of object in the fan blade


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If the heater blower has humming noise when motor is running, first check its capacitor. If the capacitor is fine, then the motor is the problem and may need to be replaced.

its your squirl cage inside of your blower motor. guaranteed. happened to me twice

possible rear heater blower wheel has broken center hub!

The blower motor may be failing or there could be debris caught in the fan.

HVAC blower motor going bad could make a rumbling noise in the car near the glove box

it possible is the blower motor is going bad or the blower motor squirl cage is rubbing Most likely there is debri in the blower motor cage, usually mice get in there.

Change the blower fan speeds to see if the noise changes. It is possible that the fan is still running while the heat is off, and the fan is rubbing.

If the noise is a squeaking sound, it could be coming from the bearings in the blower fan. It could also be coming from a worn bushing or bearing in the blower motor.

Yes, it's not how to reduce roots blower noise level, it's how to reduce turbo blower noise level. Normally turbo blower noise level is less than 80 dba when roots blower noise level is more than 90 dba, some user are still not satisfied, they want the noise level below 60 dba or even 50 dba. Turbo blower ZCJSD has it's own suggestion to reduct turbo blower noise level: Wrap the outlet pipe with sound-absorbent material, please see below photo:

in the heater box. where is box.? under dash. where there.? the part that makes noise with the fan on. IF car has A/C the right side is A/C and left is heater.

I assume you mean "heater". And a sudden failure is probably just the motor going bad.

is the noise coming from outside/engine or inside from your dashboard/air outlet ? is your air condition still cools efficiently ? is your heater heating properly ? for outside noise, >while engine running, switch on your A/C and blower. >if noise/grinding sound coming from the engine as you turn on your aircon, it could be your compressor assy or just the bearing of your compressor. magnetic clutch has bearing in the middle. >check also any defective idler bearing where ALT/AC, WATER PUMP belts seats >check also alternator bearing. for noise inside: check the blower assy especially the blower it self..

depends what type of engine you have, on a 3.3L you have to remove the steering pump before you will be able to completely remove the blower motor; on the 3.1L you have to remove the alternator before replacing the blower motor

The bearings are out of it. Replace Blower motor.

a mouse has built a nest in the the blower cage

Is it a mechanical noise, or an air movement noise? If it's mechanical, it might be that the bearings in the fan or motor are dying. If it's more of a wind/blowing noise, it might be that you have a loose or broken heat delivery duct. If you stick your head under the dash, you might be able to hear and see where the problem lies. FriPilot

it might be that the moter on the fan is starting to go. i have had that noise on two different vehicles and it was the blower motor. and it went with in 6 months to a year.

As for why it blows only on the high speed you most likely will have a bad blower resister and for the noise, it could be a bad blower motor, bad blower wheel or trash that is stuck in the blower wheel or housing.......

Sounds like the blower motor has seized up - time to replace it. See "Related Questions" below for replacement procedures

If it's a grinding or howling sound, the heater blower motor bearing has probably dried up and ready to fail.

A squeaking noise coming from the glove box on a 2003 Dodge Ram might be the heater blower fan. Try oiling the fan to see if it will stop. It could also mean that a screw is missing from the dash and the squeaking noise is the dash moving a little in that area.

I take leaves and twigs out of the heater blower motor fan by remove four screws from a plastic housing under the glove compartment. The motor falls into your hands. PS the leaves and twigs make a heck of a noise - when you put the fan motor on.

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