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It's on the passenger side of the car under the front bumper, near the wheel well. If you lay down and look up under the bumer in that area you will see a small black part with a single wire coming from it. I think it's bolted in place on a bracket. To add to the above answer,the horn on the 1996 Chevy Cavalier is located as follows: Underneath the car, look for a girdered black bar that runs across the car, directly under the radiator. On the passenger side, the L-bracket that attaches the horn is bolted with a 13mm bolt to the vertical steel inner wheel well about two inches above the girder.( The plastic wheel well panel will have to be removed first. There are nine 7mm/nine 32nds hex-head bolts holding it on ). The wiring loom to the horn is green(positive) and black(negative) inside a verigated loom tube. It plugs in at 90 degrees with a white plastic molex. Answer Or you can just remove the 2 bolts that hold in the passsenger side headlight, and access it from above if you don't have car ramps or something that will lift the car safely for you.

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Q: Where is the horn on a 1996 Chevy Cavalier?
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