Where is the idol adjustment?


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How do I adjust the idle on a 1994 Dodge Caravan?

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The idle adjustment screw of the idle control valve is what needs adjusting. Either opening or closing the valve moves the throttle plate and adjusts the idle.

Coarse Adjustment knob makes the INITIAL FOCAL ADJUSTMENT on the specimen while Fine Adjustment knob makes the FINAL FOCAL ADJUSTMENT. ---Co0leTs24

It was in the UK and it was called Pop Idol. That is true, but out of all of these, it was American idol. Its first episode was in 2000. Australian idol aired just a year after in 2003 and Asian idol aired in 2007.

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There is no idle adjustment. The idle is adjusted electronically by the ecm. If you have a problem with the idle you may have other issues like a vacuum leak.

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what is the diffrence between coarse-adjustmentcand fine adjustment knob

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