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The ignition module is located in the distributor

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Q: Where is the ignition module on a 1990 GMC 2 wheeel drive truck with 350 engine?
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Where is the ignition module on a 1995 ford e 350 van?

were is ignition drive module located in the engine

1995 ford f150 4.9 y Control Module - Ignition?

The ignition control module for a 1995 ford f150 is an important part of the drive train. If the module is failing then the engine will run erratically or not start at all.

Where is the Location of ignition module on chevy 1500 pick up5.7 liter2 wheel drive LS model?

The ignition module on a 5.7 Chevy engine should be on top of the motor. It is mounted beside the distributor.

Is 2010 Nissan Altima front wheeel drive?


Where is the ignition module located on 97 safari all wheel drive?

I understand it is by the coil. You have to remove the dog house, the coil is on the right side of the engine if you were sitting in the drivers seat.

How do you replace ignition coil on a 1991 Buick Roadmaster?

Engine Component Location. Rear Of Engine, Near Distributor Module Applicable to: Brougham Engine Component Location. Rear Of Engine, Near Distributor Module Applicable to: Caprice, Custom Cruiser & Roadmaster w/5.0L/V8-305 & 5.7L/V8-350 Drive Train. Rear Of Engine, Near Distributor Module Applicable to: 5.0L/V8-305 & 5.7L/V8-350

Why would a 1990 olds 98 lose power while going down the road then die and start up again drive a little more way then die and not start again?

Ignition module, ECM, ignition coil are all resonable suspects. Ignition module, ECM, ignition coil are all resonable suspects.

Why is Subaru legacy engine running after ignition switched off?

subaru legacy engine is switched off when stop after drive

1985 Chrysler new yorker will not crank once you drive will crank after cooling down I tried an both everything?

Ignition Module is BAD

What makes a Nissan 240sx stop while you are driving?

what makes a 1991 Nissan 240sx stop while you drive. and it is not out of gas or oil. Could it be the ignition module

How to fix Ford sport trac error code p0320?

I have a 2002 Ford sport Trac I have a code of P0320. Do you know the part number to fix this? Seems when the engine warms up, during driving, the truck stalls & sputters & then quits when I brake or come to a full stop. It starts right up again, then stalls when shifted into drive. Had fuel module replaced & airflow cleaned. What else can it be? Was told by a handheld device, was P0320.

How do you replace de time belt i a Montero?

out key in the ignition ... start engine then drive to your mechanic's repar shop

Does the throttle sensor lose the rpm?

The throttle position sensor tells the engine control module what you are doing with the throttle as you drive. If you let your foot off of the accelerator pedal the throttle position sensor sends that information to the engine control module and the engine will receive less fuel and it will lose rpm.

What is the procedures for replacing the ignition coil in a 96 Chevy Corsica 2.2?

The coils and the module are located on the firewall side of the engine. You have to take the coils and the module off at the same time. its a pain to get at, but it can be done. You'll need a 1/4" drive socket set and about 2 hours time. Some of the coils are located on the passenger front of the engine also. Just follow the spark plug wires to the coil packs. Once found, begin the repair.

94 infinity J30 that stalls after 30 minutes of driving the car will not crank for a few minutes then after the car will crank and drive?

possibly your crankshaft sensor or ignition control module

Can you drive a car when the alternator is broken?

I drove mine today, it was fine while the battery had over 9 or 10 volts, but once the battery died, the car (4WD, mitsu challenger) started driving poorly, and then stopped when I pulled over. Not sure if I did any damage yet. If it is a SI (Spark ignition) engine then you can drive so long as the battery has sufficient charge. A CI (Compression ignition) engine does not rely on an electrical ignition and will drive without the alternator or battery.

How do you get your 1996 Nissan Quest out of park?

When we have this problem, we turn the ignition off and shift into neutral, restart the engine and it can then be shifted into drive or reverse.

Can you drive your car with the check engine light blinking?

The check engine light blinking means that an ignition misfire has been detected Avoid any rapid acceleration or deceleration while you drive it in for repair to avoid damaging your catalytic converter

Why would a 1989 Chevy Celebrity stall after a new battery and alternator is installed?

The engine control module "learns" how to set the idle speed. When you disconnect the battery the engine control module loses that memory and it has to be reset. To regain the setting drive the car for several miles at moderate speeds and it is reset.

How do you uninstall Qvodinstall Module from c drive?

comment eviter l'apparition de qvodinstall module

What happens if you drive second gear at top speed?

The powertrain control module will start cutting back on the fuel if the engine revs are going too high

Your 94 accord starts with no problem however when you drive it for a while It will stop sudently you have already changed the ignition switchbut that was not the problemCan it be the main relay?

check your ignition coil. that's what happen to me when the engine get hot the car stop.

What is an injector drive module?

your big fat bum

What causes a rough vibration from engine when just starting to drive from idling and when slowing to a stop?

because of ignition coil faulty.due to mountings,abnormal fuel pressure.

1984 z28 camaro 5.0 HO i drive i for about 10-15 miles and the car dies out and won't start for about a 12 hour?

Check the ignition module in the distributor. Potentially it is failing when heated. Once the ignition module cools, it may fire for a while. Check for spark when this happens. If so it usually is the module or the coil .... either is usually less than 50 bucks. When the car dies look at the tachometer, if it stays at zero, you've got no ingnition signal. Some autoparts stores can check this part for you.