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AnswerThis is a question that has long tormented treasure hunters and scholars. When the Catholic Church designed to destroy the Knights Templar, they secured the assistance of the French crown. This is the origin of the superstition of "Friday the 13th" because the Templars were rounded up on that day and the crown seized all of their holdings. However, the Templars had advanced word that their fortunes had changed and they gathered together all of their treasure and three Templar ships departed from La Rochelle.

It is thought that these ships carried the vast wealth of the Templars, but in truth, they could carry but a fraction of their treasure if the tales about their wealth are reasonably accurate. The ultimate destination is unknown and it is unknown if these ships even made it to their destination. However, it would be a reasonable assumption that these ships made landfall in England. At this point in the story, nobody can give an authoritative answer to the question of "where does the treasure reside?"

Speculation regarding Rosslyn and Oak Island point to the strongest possibilities regarding the final resting place of the Templar treasure. There was significant engineering done at Oak Island and the investigation there has destroyed as much as it has uncovered. Only time will tell if anything remains, but I doubt that anyone would go through such an elaborate hoax.

With regard to Rosslyn Chapel, the builders of the chapel were known supporters of the Templars -i am editing this note (the builders are probably the freemasons) - However, nobody has ever found anything at Rosslyn and many consider the chapel to be a "key" to where the real treasure is concealed. Personally, I believe that the treasure that left in those ships was used to support the members of the order in the purchase of land, supplies, and other needs. Considering the requirements for a number of dispossessed Knights on the run from France and the Church, gold would be a necessity.

I believe that the majority of the Templar fortune never left France. To be sure, it was concealed from the French monarchy, but the Templars did not have the time necessary to move it out of France. Ultimately, this is my answer to your question. As the treasure has remained undiscovered for some time, one could assume that it is well hidden.

MoreThis next information is answerd by a differant person,

But the free masions were involed they were a scottish cruside who let the templar knights join there group so maybe the treasure could of being smuggeled out of France to Scotland but this is my opinion on the place were it is hidden.

Or there is word that the treasure was brought from France into England and to a place called Nova Scotia not in the actuwal country but to an island of the coast of Nove Scotia nobody nows which island but i bet the treasure will be found one day. Its not just a small amount OS gold but treasure beyond your wildest imaganation! I dream of discovering the knights templer treasure but i now that there is many other people that have atemptad to find it and there is no way that i could ever beat anyone to the greatest treasure of all time!

MoreRefering to the first paragraph above where the answerer says there were 3 Templar ships, records show that there were in fact 18 Templar ships at La Rochelle harbour on October 12th 1307, but the next day they had vanished.

the answer bove me seems quite complex however i believe there to be a simpler answer to question, though no one can be certain.

okay so 4 knights from temple dinsley, hertfordshire were arrested and taken to hertford castle in the early 1300's. two were taken to tower of London and they were all killed at some point. this was done on the orders of kind edward ll because he believed that they were hiding treasure from him. so he had them arrested, but when they refused to tell him it's whereabouts he had them killed. so many believe that the answer is simple. the treasure which is believed to be gold, silver, jewels, and possibly even the holy grail which Jesus drunk out of at the last supper (they apparently found this on a trip to Jerusalem) is likely to have buried underneath an oak tree in temple dinsley, where the knights who hid it lived, so that they could keep watch that no one tried to find it. another theory is that they actually buried it in temple dinsley deep deep under the ground and then created a pond over the top of where it was, to make it more difficult to get to. temple dinsley today is a village called Preston in hertfordshire and there is a large pond there, however the pond that the treasure is supposedly hidden underneath has been dug over, but no one knows exactly where it was. the spot where the treasure may have been buried unfortuantely has an old building on it which is now a school.

The whole truth will almost certainly never come to light. Much of the Temple assets in France found their way into the Royal treasury. Phillip the Fair needed the money to pay off a crushing national debt. Chances are that much of it from outside France went to the Hospitallers along with their real estate and much of the membership. Some of those assets may simply have been stolen or individual members may have removed assets with the intent to restore them to the Temple at some future date.

Neither is there any documented or archeological evidence that the Templar Fleet previously in harbor at New Rochelle ever reached Scotland nor that it carried the so called, "Templar Treasure." No hard evidence of any kind exists that any ship of any description carrying even one Templar Knight or anyone connected with the Temple ever reached North America. In fact, the so-called Zeno map does not mention the Temple at all. Moreover, the map has been shown to be a forgery. No evidence of any description supports speculation that the Templars ever possessed any of the, "treasures of the Temple of Solomon."

Likewise, there is no documented connection between the Templars and the Oak Island Money Pit. In fact, much of the speculation about the pit has been put to rest. For example, the only evidence there is for the existence of those much discussed buried timbers, etc. is complete hearsay and the so called tunnels that introduced sea water to the pit are not tunnels at all. All that water seeped in through naturally occurring features. Oh yes, there is one other thing. There is absolutely no evidence that Henry I Sinclair Earl of Orkney ever visited Greenland or any part of North America.

Conversely, there is ample evidence that many of the authors who are building up their own portfolios with wild speculation concerning the Templar Treasure or the purported mystical properties of the Temple are earning a substantial living by selling books to people who want to believe these things whether they are true or not. They are simply following in the footsteps of the, "Eric von Daniken" books from the seventies and all that nonsense about Aztec crystal skulls having mystical properties. When you stop to think about it, those books are the perfect con game. There is no law against publishing nonsense or selling the books that contains that nonsense. Buying a book is a legal transaction in nearly every case. Believing silly nonsense is a personal prerogative unless one does real harm as result.

The bottom line is that all those stories about the Templars having owned the Ark of the Covenant, the Holy Grail and the True Cross are just that, stories. They may be amusing but they are not factual.

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The question is not where it is, but who does it rightfully belong to. God will ultimately answer this question when the time is right.

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Q: Where is the knights templar treasure?
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