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In short, no.

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Q: Is there any real proof that the Knights Templar treasure came to the New World?
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What was the order of the knight's templar?

There's a lot to this, but the basic jist of who the Knights Templar were is this: they were supposedly brought about to protect the bloodline of Jesus. The consipiracy says that Mary Magdalene was Jesus' wife. The proof behind this is that in the Bible it says that Mary was Jesus' companion, which back then literally meant spouse. The story continues that they had a child together. The bloodlines is supposedly the Merovingian family, and the Knights Templar were to protect them at all costs, as to preserve the Sacred Family.

Was a Knight of Templar in America in 1362?

theoretitcally, we have no true proof, considering no one is alive from that time period, but according to the history channel... maybe.

Is Snow Treasure a true story?

We are not sure but we have a little proof but we are not sure.

Is national treasure true?

Of course it isn't. But the historical facts, including the secret book are real. There is no treasure but many items and other things make up a great story. Also the caves that Ben and company enter to find Cibola are real, and so is the switch that openes the door. It just makes you wander if you go to the places in the movie and attempt to find such items that you actually might! There has been no proof that it doesnt exist, The knights of templar who are the ones who supposely owned the teasure where taken down by the pope and king of France i believe and just before they were taken down it was told that they put all there wealth on a ship to America, and our founding fathers found it and hid it. Christopher Columbus was part of the knights of templar also. So history says it is possible but we don't know for sure

Did King Arthur exsist?

Yes there are proof that king Arthur existed but some people will say other wise but yes he did exist as well as he's knights

Was john Wilkes booth a part of the knights of the golden circle?

although bothe carried out the assination of lincoln, there is no proof thateither he, or any of his co conspirators were members of the K.G.C.

How do you become a knights templar?

The Knights Templar was a medieval Christian military order that no longer exists today. To become a member, individuals in medieval times would have to meet specific criteria and undergo a rigorous selection process. There are modern organizations that claim to be related to the original Knights Templar, but they tend to be more ceremonial and historical in nature rather than a continuation of the original order.

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no there is no proof that god is real but there is alot of proof about evolution and that man envolved from appes

Is there proof 2012 will happen?

no the world will not end in 2012

Is there objective existence in the world?

It absolutely does. Your precious self is the proof.

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