Where is the largest HD TV?

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In a football stadium in Texas.

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Q: Where is the largest HD TV?
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How large do Sony televisions go?

The largest television currently offered by Sony is 84 inches. This television is a 4K Ultimate HD TV which offers even higher resolution than standard HD TVs.

What are hd ready televisions?

HD ready tvs are tvs that are hd and also have the regular standard definition as well as high definition. For it to be HD you have to have HD cable or tv service, or something that plays dvds in hd.

What is TVs HDMI?

If you have and HD tv it will have that for hd. however you can't use hd unless you have a hd cable box. HD stands for High Definition

Can you get hd on a TV that is not a hd ready?

Yes, but then the T.V has to be 'Full HD'.

How do you turn your TV to HD?

1. buy a HD-TV, a non HD-tv can't become an HD-TV 2. get HD channels from your cable provider 3. get a Blu-ray player

Do you need an HD antenna to watch HD tv?

Yes. You need either a HD antenna or another HD source such as a Dish satellite HD receiver or a Cable TV HD receiver.

What is the largest Sony flat screen TV?

The largest Sony flat-screen TV available to the public is 82 inches; it is also a 3D TV and an HD TV, like most other modern TVs created this decade.

Do you need an hd tv to watch hd?

Yes. You need an HD Television to watch programming in high-definition. You can get HD programming from cable or Satellite TV - Satellite TV offers more HD choices.

Is full HD TV better than HD ready TV?

Yes. The resolution of HD ready is smaller than Full HD. HD ready is not capable of 1080p resolution and Full HD is.

Who invented HD-TV?

No single inventor for HD-TV.

If you have a HD TV do you need HD Cable?

no it just means its capable of HD old TVs cant do that

How do you say HD TV IN french?

HD TV -- une télé HD (télévision haute définition)

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