Where is the last clue to the fire in your sims agents Wii?

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What do you do on My Sims for Wii?

Basically you go around town talking to sims. They assign you tasks to complete, and you complete these tasks in order to gain stars to your town. You basically build houses and furniture (according to a blueprint that's given to you) that the sims in the town want. You then deliver it to the buildi ( Full Answer )

What do you do after you beat MySims Agents for the Wii?

Well, there are a limited number of things to do after you beat it. I wish they had other missions for after you beat it, but they don't so here are some ideas... 1. Play it again and try to beat your time and find things you might have missed before. 2. Do some dispatch missions to get more ite ( Full Answer )

What can you do in my sims agents?

IT IS THE BEST GAME EVER! You solve mysteries and they all lead up to one big one! You will never get bored with this game! It will also sharpen your mind and make you think.

What is the difference between your sims agents ds and your sims agents wii?

i do not have it for wii but i have herd that in wii your base is Gino's restaurant but in ds your already an agent wow!there is a lot! 1:your assistant is different,2:the enemies are different,3:the sims are different,4:wii one is more popular +newer,5:wii one is harder(i have comple ( Full Answer )

How do csi agents look for clues?

They take items around the area or things that are unusual in the area. Then they take it to the people that take DNA tests. They bring back the results That is how they find out answers.If you have a better one please answer back.

Mysims agents Wii ds?

I would choose the wii version. In my opinion, the wii versions for MySims games are a lot better than DS versions. I have MySims Agents Wii and it is awesome! I don't have MySims Agents for DS, but I do have other MySims games for my DS. I have MySims Kingdom for Wii and DS and the wii version was ( Full Answer )

What are your agent cards on the 39 clues?

P3WJ46RRXP . P369t2x9xp . p22r4j4xp . p24kgtxfxp . p2mrhfjxp . p29pcfnxp . p2h2hjxxp . p22d374xp . p2hfrngrxp . p2c2r4pxp . p37g2nnxxp . p2hfmpmxp . p39ffm3pxp . P3JGTT73XP . P249F7TDXP p37jkkfpxp

How do you beat my sims agents for the wii?

After you fly back home from the temple and they'll look all bommed because something tragic happens but i don't spoil so i won't tell what but it is HUGE.

How do you change your sims clothes on my sims agents?

In the beginning, you should get a house key and furniture-A chest, a bed, and a closet. Also, you should get a book case.- You put the closet into your house and you walk over to it. You press A and you get you change your clothing!

In my Sims agents for the Wii how do you save Evelyn?

To save her you have to complete all the dispatch missions, after that you should get one last dispatch mission from Agent Walker called One more time after your agents have completed that you will get a short ending where Evelyn comes back and is reunited with her father.

How do you beat my sims agents wii?

After the mission in the jungle, you have to complete all of the dispatch missions. After that the game is over.

How do you fire agents in mysims agents?

When you are in the HQ, go to the floor plan near the recruit phone. Click on the x over the person and then drag the x on the person you want to fire.

How do you find the beats on my sims agents wii?

Go underground at DJ Candy 's club then u see a vampire-looking girl standing beside the stage,ask her if she could move,if she says no,ask her fave song. she'll answer 'Bunny Hill' tell DJ Candy to play the song and The girl will dance at the dance floor,then quickly go underground,then u find anot ( Full Answer )

My sim agents?

my sims agents is a game made by ea that did all the my sims games before this one. In the game you can be an agent and you have mini games and small missions. There's a big mission too, but you'll have to get the game to find out what it is. There are also a lot of the people from the other sims ga ( Full Answer )

What do you do after you finish mysims agents on the wii?

-Are you asking for after the credits or when Walker says 'Morcubus will strike again!'? I'll answer them both. 1. After the credits come up you have to keep on playing the game. Complete all the dispatch missions then The Nightmere realm will open and you'll get Morcubus and Evelyn back. After tha ( Full Answer )

My sims agent Wii where are the parts for gino's oven?

Well, What I did was I went to Gino's Gumball Machine and salvaged from it. And for the other on, I used thing that holds the dishes near the regular stove. Then repair the oven. It's as simple as that! You're Welcome!

Will there be a mysims agents 2 after my sims agents?

I believe if you finish all the dispatch missions your mini part two will e waiting... im dont want o spoil what happens :) and yes there is another one coming out. {bet thell make tons of my sims games} Mahlo yes there will be jeremiah

What do you do after you beat mysims agents Wii?

You can do dispatch missions and go to the places through train. I don't think you can use the jet to go anywhere. (Although I may be wrong) But the game is still awesome!

What are 39 clues agent cards?

P2c2rd4pxp . P22D3743XP . P2HFRNGRXP . p2hfmmpmxp . P369T2X9XP . P39FFM3PXP . P3JGTT73XP . P249F7TDXP

Agent card 39 clues?

mine is P2XGG773XP here are some of my friends: P2XGMPPWXP P244GM6WXP P23TWMWJXP P2DPPWTFXP 1000-Agent:DesertSquall1 - P2DTMN4WXP 1006-Agent:PlatinumSecret2 - P2222329XP 1010-Agent:CleverCobra2 - P22229F6XP 1070-Agent:ArtisticSolver1 - P2224RTNXP 1071-Agent:GoingSurprise1 - P2226 ( Full Answer )

Where is the enhaler on mysims agents wii?

In The Park At The Top There Is A Tunnel That Leads To The Forest. Go Through It And Go Down The Hill Straight In Front.There Are 2 Bins Either Side Of The Tunnel. Its In The Left Hand Side Bin. If You Didnt Follow That Then Just Check The Bins In The Forest You'll Find It!

How do you beat the radiation part on the beach in Sims agents WII?

Well You Go Up To The Cliff Were The F-Energy Vent Is Then Take The Rocks On Top And Stack Them. You Will THen Find Morcubus's Secret Cave The Next Part Is Fun So I Won't Tell You. For More Answers On My Sims Questions Look For Me Were Every Word Is Capital.

How do you get in your jet in my Sims Agents for Wii?

SO when you are in the HQ go all the way upstairs to the roof then go near the jet outside on the roof and when you see an icon that says something about go then you get in the jet

Where can you find all 5 spare parts in your Sims Agents for wii?

One is in Gino's Pizza (Gumball Machine), another is in the machine near the picnic where Beebee's boyfriend was kid-napped, one is in the lawn mower there, one is in the machine near the lodge, and the last one is in the soda machine. Good Luck. I just tried it! It works!

How do you beat the case of ginos stolen maps collection in my sims agents on wii?

The maps themselves are located in different trash cans around the map. One is in the trashcan in the pizzeria (next to the counter by the door). Another is in the large, square one to the left of the park entrance. The last one is in a large, square trashcan, the first one that you come across when ( Full Answer )

Will there be a mysims agents 2 on wii?

There were plans for a second MySims Agents game, but it never came out as it was replaced by MySims SkyHeroes. There may still be a MySims Agents 2, but it's unlikely.

Will there be a your sims agents 2 for wii?

There were plans for a second Agents game, and some concept art uploaded to the Internet, but in the end MySims Agents 2 was replaced by MySims SkyHeroes. MySims Agents 2 may still come out, but it's unlikely.