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Where is the light sensor in a 99 Chrysler LHS?

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I have a 99 300m which is basically the same. If you are talking about the photo sensor for the auto headlights, it should be top of the dash between defrost vents.

2010-07-01 13:57:00
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What does p0340 mean on a 99 Chrysler lhs?

Trouble code P0340 means:Camshaft position sensor circuit malfunction

Is there an inertia switch on a 99 Chrysler lhs?


Where is the turn signal flasher for 99 Chrysler LHS?

its under the steering wheel

Where is the traction control sensor in a 99 Chrysler LHS?

There isn't a single traction control sensor. The system uses the wheel speed sensors, at each wheel bearing, along with numerous other inputs.

What kind of transmission fluid do you add for a 99 Chrysler lhs?

Mopar ATF+4

Will a 97 Chrysler Lhs engine fit in a 99 body correctly you would like to no its the 3.5liter?


Where is the maf sensor on a 99 cirrus?

A Chrysler Cirrus does not have a mass airflow sensor.

Could a fuse problem cause your 1999 Chrysler LHS not want to start?

When my 99 LHS wouldn't start I got my starter changed and the car started.

How do you replace the transmission solenoid for 99 Chrysler lhs?

Remove the transmission oil pan and valve body.

Ac compressor oil capacity for 99 Chrysler lhs?

You should be fine with between five to seven ounces.

What tools are needed for changing the battery in 99 Chrysler lhs?

Depends on what kind of battery you have but 9 times out of ten all you will need is a couple wrenches.

Can 18 inch rim fit on a Chrysler lhs 2000?

Yes, I Have 18" Rims On My '99 LHS.I Have 245-45-R18 Tires, With No Rubbing At All.

Where is your antenna located on a 99 Chrysler lhs?

Chrysler vehicles that do not have an external antennae use the rear defroster grid as the antennae.Chrysler vehicles that do not have an external antennae use the rear defroster grid as the antennae.

My 99 Chrysler sebring keeps shutting off when i drive. what can the problem be.?

change MAP sensor

When changing the fuel pump in 99 Chrysler LHS do you have to drop the fuel tank or can you get to it through taking the back seat out?

Yes you do have to drop the tank to access the fuel pump.

What is the cost for a brain sensor in a 99 Chrysler cirrus?

Not sure what you mean by brain sensor. There are dozens of sensors on the car. They can cost from twenty to hundreds of dollars.

Where is crank sensor on 99 5.2 v8?

The crankshaft sensor for the 5.2L Chrysler models is on the transmission bell-housing. It is above the starter, I had to remove the starter in order to get to the sensor. After that it was a piece of cake.

Can you buy the cam position sensor separate or do you have to get the whole distributor for a 99 durango small v8?

Sensor is available, Chrysler calls it a pick up plate.

Where is the thermostat on a 1999 Chrysler lhs?

The thermostat on a '99 LHS is on the lower left side (driver side) of the engine block to the left of the oil filter. It is best viewed from under the vehicle. Just trace the lower radiator hose to the engine and that is the housing it's located in.

99 Chrysler Town and Country - Why does the oil light come on when vehicle is stopped and goes off when vehicle starts to go again?

Check the oi pressure sensor, located next to the filter, for oil in the electrical plug. If oil is present, replace sensor.

Is a 2000 Chrysler lhs headlights interchangeable with a 2000 Concorde?

NO. the 99, 00, and 01 lhs have 3 bulbs in the headlight, a blinker, high beam and low beam. The Concorde 02,03, & 04 will interchange/work. The 2000 Concorde has only 2 bulbs (high and low beam)...

Where is oil filter located on a 99 Chrysler LHS?

The oil filter is located on the lower left side (driver side) of the engine block, near the front of the engine. Can be best viewed from under the car.

What is causing your 99 Chrysler Cirrus to not change out of 1st or 2nd gear and the speedometer not work service engine light on?

sensor for the transmission is what caused my 2000 Chrysler cirrus to do the same exact thing. i ended up paying about $360 for the repair. the sensor itself was cheap(around $50 at the time) but the labor and the computer adjustment was what ended up costing an arm and a leg.

Where is knock sensor on 99 pathfinder?

Where is the knock sensor for a 99 pathfinder

Is a 1999 Chrysler lhs headlights interchangeable with a 1999 Concorde headlights?

yes but inside the housing, there is only a high n low beam, where as the lhs of 99 has projectors from the factory n has the turn signals inside the housing aswell, so that's up to ur imagination to make that work my friend, good luck