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they live in the ocean so warner

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Giant squid eat there own kind (giant squid!)

no. its a giant squid!

Colossal squid have a longer mantle than a giant squid. But giant squid have longer tentacles

you might be able to tell because the GIANT squid is supposed to be larger Giant Squid are actually GIANT.... Therefore if you see a squid & dont say "OMGG that thing is HUGE" then it isnt a GIANT Squid

The Humboldt squid and the Giant Squid are two separate species

Weight of a giant squid;The weight of a giant squid is 900 kilograms.

a giant squid is orange

A Giant Squid they are bigger

a giant squid is bigger then a giant octupus i agree

Giant Squid most likely eat fish and other squid.

sperm whales are whales and giant squid are squid

Where can I find a Giant Squid?? Can you answer to this question as quick as you can?

The threat to a giant squid is to be eaten in restaurants

a giant squid is very long

It maters how big the giant squid is

The Giant squid's enemy is the Sperm whale which eats the Giant squid.

Some giant squid have grown to 43 feet long.

NO, a Giant squid does not have a backbone. So it is considered an INVERTEBRATE.

No. The giant squid is a common predator for whales.

Yes, the Giant Squid is definitely a real animal.

Sperm whales eat the Giant Squid

a giant squid is a predetor of sperm whales

no they are to big they will eat the giant squid.

No. No squid has any bones, not even a giant squid. The only thing that will not decay is the beak.

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