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Q: Where is the location of Aksum?
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How did aksum's location help make it to a trade city?

through its location along the red sea

How did Aksum's location and interaction with other regions affect its development?

Aksum is the name of a powerful, urban Iron Age Kingdom in Ethiopia, that flourished in the centuries before and after the time of Christ. It location made it prosper because the surrounding nations were so underdeveloped.

How did Aksum location Enable it to become a trading center?

Because of is location. It was surrounded by the Red sea, Mediterranean sea, Indian ocean, and the Nile.

Why was Aksum important?

The Kingdom of Aksum was the center of trading.

Was kush conquered by aksum?

Yes, Aksum did conquer Kush.

When was Aksum University created?

Aksum University was created in 2007.

Why did Aksum become a center of trade?

IT was good for trade because it was in a location wich gave Aksum acess to the Red sea,the Med. sea,indian ocean,and the Nile so it was good for trade because you can get to place to place by water.

Which group did not come to Aksum to trade?

Chinese did not go to Aksum to trade.

What activity linked aksum and rome?

Aksum and Rome were both linked by trading. Ships from the Roman Empire stopped at Aksum regularly. The Roman Empire needed Aksum's gold to make coins.

What city was the center of trade in aksum?

The main trading port of Aksum was Adulis.

What were some of aksum's major achievements?

the most impressive achievements were the pillars of Aksum

When was Ilker Aksum born?

Ilker Aksum was born in 1971, in Istanbul, Turkey.

How did aksum's location help the empire grow?

Red Sea and the Indian Ocean made it an important trading center and contributed to its expansion and power.

What became the primary means of exchange for aksum merchants?

The primary means of exchange for Aksum merchants was coins. The Aksum people were one of the first to make their own coins.

Why did kush suffer so much in the war of Aksum?

He discovered that his wife was already married to Aksum

Which country is mancala from?


Which Stone pillars were built by aksum kings?

Stone pillars built by aksum kings were called STELAE

During the fourth century did the rulers of Aksum convert to Islam?

False! Aksum stayed Coptic Christian!

What do the gold coins reveal about the kingdom of aksum?

The gold coins reveal a rich diverse culture about the kingdom of Aksum.

The history of aksum ethopia Africa?

what is the history of Aksum, Ethopia, Africa since the beginning of the Christians come to the land?

Were Kilwa and Aksum Christian kingdoms?


What is the people from aksum important for?

about trande

Aksum is located south of?


What do mali and aksum have in common?

They are in africa

What is the leader of aksum?

Peter Bae