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Where is the location of the transmission filter for 2003 Kia Optima?


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They don't have one.. Yeah i know...supposed to have transmission survive every 30,000 miles... Sorry this means drain and replace fluid as there is no filter..

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My transmission is slipping, I was told the transmission is good but the filter needs to be changed . where is it at and how much is it

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The 2003 Kia Optima has a 5-speed manual.

The 2003 Elantra does not have a transmission filter.

on a 01 optima its on the bottom of the transmission behind the drip pan (really). likely the same on a 03.

Where is the location of the oil filter on a 2003 Ford Escape.

You don't. It has a lifetime internal filter in the transmission.

You have to remove the transmission oil pan to access the filter.

Cabin filter? Air filter? Oil filter? Fuel filter? Transmission oil filter?

The filter is inside the transmission and is not to be serviced. Just drain fluid and replace.

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It is on the bottom of the transmission, inside the oil pan.

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No, it does not have a filter. My daughter just had her tranny oil drained/changed and was surprised to hear that it does not have a filter. Weird.

The 2003 Kia Optima has 16 valves.

It could cost between 300 dollars and 600 dollars to replace the radiator in a 2003 Kia Optima. This varies with the type of radiator chosen and your location.

From my research, 2003 and before has a spin on filter under the hood and a non serviceable filter inside the transmission. 2004 and up, has just the internal filter. The internal filter requires transmission removal and disassembly to access.

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The 02 - 05 lancer's do not have a transmission filter. This is why it is recommended to replace the fluid ever 30k miles

The 2003 Kia Optima is a gas-powered vehicle.

The 2003 Kia Optima has an inline 4 engine.

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