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where is locate the main relay on 1996 Acura integra

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Q: Where is the main relay on a 1996 Acura Integra?
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My 1991 acura integra's engine shuts off while driving what could the cause of this?

it could be the main assembly relay under the drivers kickpanel

How do you replace main relay acura integra 1987?

The main fuel pump relay is behind the fuse panel on the drivers side. It has a connector which will need to be unpluged and a screw holding it to a bracket. The new one will go in place of the old one.

On a 1993 Acura integra 1.8 DOHC non vtec you are not getting power to the fuel pump the relay is kicking on and off and the fuel pump is working when you hook it up to a power source?

change your main relay

Why will your 1993 Acura Integra only start when its cool outside?

Had the exact problem. It was the main relay. It is found near the fuse box and is a square box looking thing. Went to Acura dealership and replaced for $75 It is not your fuel pump. Some people will try to sell you this. I promise the main relay will solve the problem.

Where is a 95 integra fuel pump relay?

i have a 97 teg and from what acura tells me there is only one main relay, not just for the fuel pump. It's located right next to the foot rest to the left of the brake pedal.

Acura integra Wont start in cold or hot weather?

The fuel pump relay assembly is notorious for not working when the weather gets hot. This is especially true when it is hot and sunny, which increases the temperature inside the car. This affects the relay as it is found in the dash. The relay is sometimes referred to as the "main" relay.

Where is the main relay in the 91 integra?

Under the drivers side dash, you kind of have to hunt for it. Its small black and rectangle shaped. Says MAIN RELAY on it.

Why does my 1995 Integra hard to start when warm plugs wires and fuel fiter have been changed?

Hard to start when warm for your year of Integra is most likely due to the Main Relay malfucntioning. High mileage Acura/honda of the early 1990s are prone to this problem. The part is fairly cheap from your Acura/honda dealer and it takes about 10 minutes to replace.

Picture the fuel pump relay located on a 1989 Acura Integra LS?

The fuel pump relay is in the Main Relay attached to the firewall above the foot rest in the drivers foot well. When you turn on the key you should hear a clicking sound, you can feel the relay click if you feel around while turning the key on and off.

Where is the main relay on 1988 Acura Legend?

under the steering wheel i guess

What would cause a 1992 Acura Integra not to start in hot weather?

I use to have this problem all the time every where i went. I hate it when it dies at the gas station, just right when you get done pumping gas into it.... but the problem is your Main Relay. Change that out to a new one and you should be good to go. the Main Relay is under you Steering wheel.

1990 Acura Legend it will turn but not start?

its probably the main relay that needs to be replaced

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