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The Map is located in the Explorer's Camp. Once you have the map you need to collect the flags to activate each of the places on the map. Walk to each area on the map to find the flags.

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How do you get the map on dizzywood?

You need to do the mission called Explore and Chart all of Dizzywood. It is one of the missions in your missions tab. That is next to your backpack. Click on the mission and accept it and you get a map. Then you need to collect a lot of red flags all around Dizzywood. Each time you find a flag a new place is available on your map.

What does the old map in dizzywood mean?

U dont use the map but the entrance to get 2 the spot on the map iz in tanglevine jungle or the explorers' camp i furgot srry!

Where do you go to start your first quest in dizzywood?

you go to money cheats on the map and click on it, once your there you will see a map then just choose your quest

How many powers can you get on dizzywood?

There are 8 powers in total, that is including both hair skills and the map of Dizzywood, otherwise there are only five: ghost ray, levitation, invisibility, zap and spy eye!

How do you get to dizzywood when it is not available?

You can't get on Dizzywood when it is not available!

When was Dizzywood created?

Dizzywood was created in 2007.

Has dizzywood changed?

dizzywood has changed to a site named however they still have the dizzywood domain name up.

How do you get badges in Dizzywood?

You earn badges from completing missions in Dizzywood.

Dizzywood riddle answers?

All of the Dizzywood riddle answers are listed on the Dizzywood Wiki.

How do you you recover an old dizzywood account?

just type in old dizzywood and click on the link that says we want old dizzywood back then just sign up or log in to old dizzywood : P

Where is the dizzywood doodlebug?

Your question is really wrong! there is no such thing as a doodlebug from dizzywood

Where is the Glow flower seeds in dizzywood?

there is no glow flower seeds in dizzywood!!!

Are there Cheat codes for dizzywood?

yes there are dizzywood cheatcodes that you can find.

Is there any games like dizzywood?

try fantage it is a bit like dizzywood

How do you get into the TV room on dizzywood?

You zap the TV which will take you to the dizzywood TV studios

Where is Montana jacks journal in dizzywood?

search crazymay dizzywood blog in google

How do you get all the wheels for dizzywood skateboard?

You have to find them there all over dizzywood aren't they

Can someone tell you a dizzywood account?

they can and not btw im poniy in dizzywood lol XD

How do you solve the canal city mission on dizzywood?

crazymay dizzywood blog seacrh it in GOOGLE

Do you have to buy a smartycard to be a gold explorer in dizzywood?

No you just have to pay it on here i mean on dizzywood

Is dizzywood coming back in February?

Dizzywood is coming back on april 23rd 2012

Where in dizzywood is the explorer's camp?

It is southeast of Tanglevine Jungle. But you can get there by using your Map or by clicking on the signs in either Presto's Edge (on the right) or in Tanglevine Jungle (bottom left).

What r the answers to all the pathfinder test on dizzywood?

what r the answers to dizzywood pathfinder test?

What is wiseoneknows dizzywood password?

how would anybody know her/him theres like a million people in dizzywood

What is the best dizzywood tricks website?

the best dizzywood tricks is owned by peace24. Reasearch her in google. ANother one is owned by goldy219 both are dizzywood players so u can trust int hem because they have been in dizzywood for a long time