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where the chatty girls are.

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What do you do after you outrace Nate in the jet ski race on big nate island?

Tilt the rock by moving the seals to the left side. You can now retrieve the paper, which is a map to the Time Capsule on Big Nate island.

Where is the map for time capsule on poptropica big nate?

You have to beat Big Nate on the ski boats and get the map that is under the rocks. :)

How do you find the blueprints for the time capsule on Big Nate Island?

There is a map for the time capsule. You have to beat Nate in a race on the jet skis. Get the keys from Captain Salty by going under water to get his trap. Once you beat big Nate you'll come to an island with a piece of paper under it there will be seal on it push both of them to the left then pull the piece of paper which is the map to the time capsule.

You lost the map on Big Nate Island what do you do now?

You could try getting it back. Without it, you may not be able to have the dog dig up the Time Capsule. The map that shows the location of the Time Capsule is under the rock on Seal Island. Use the jet ski to race Big Nate to get it.

Where is the capsule on big nate island?

look in the telescope you can see something lodged under the rock the seals are on ride the motor boats and go to the island and get the paper it is the map for the time capsule!

What number is Big Nate Island from the top?

Big Nate Island on the Poptropica map is the 9th from the top.

How can you go to big Nate island?

Go to your blimp and travel across the map to Big Nate Island.

How do you get the time capsule map when it is stuck on Big Nate Island?

On "Seal-Saw Island", you can push the two seals toward the left side of the teetering rock, and the map side will be raised so you can get it out.

How do you get big nate to he lighthouse?

u don't you go there. but he will race you to the map to th capsule ;)

How do you get another Poptropica map?

The map for Nabooti island is in the museum. A map for the Time Capsule is at Seal Island on Big Nate island. To see a map of the areas you have already entered on any island, click on the Map symbol at the upper right of the Poptropica window. Each island is available on the pull-down menu.

What do you do after you get the keys on Big Nate Island?

The key fits the jet ski, so you can race Nate out to the seal island to the right of the lighthouse (you can see it through the telescope). The map to the time capsule location is there. (see related question)

Where is the time capsule on Big Nate Island?

Recovering the Time Capsule is the object of Big Nate Island. It is actually buried under the Playground...there are some girls at recess standing right on top of it. But it is not easily uncovered. Knowing where it is (under the talking girls at the playground) does not allow you to dig it up. You still have to find the clapper, fix the bell, and locate the map to the capsule. (see the related question)

Where do you get the map to the time capsule on Big Nate Island?

You can see it from the telescope on top of the lighthouse : it is on a seal island just offshore. (to the far right) To get the map, you will need to race Nate on the jet skis (see related question). (Move the seals to one side of the seesaw rock to get the map out.) (see related questions)

What do you do with the graham cracker on big nate island?

at the last part use the map to put the graham cracker on the part where the capsule is buried and the dog will dig there and youre done

Where do you find spitsy on big nate island?

Spitsy the lost dog is wandering on the Playground on Big Nate island. He is the key to recovering the Time Capsule because he will dig holes to save any treats he gets. Once the girls are off the playground, and you have the map from under the seal island rock, you can use the peanut-butter crackers to encourage Spitsy to dig up the Time Capsule. (see related questions)

How do you get the blueprints on Poptropica?

On 24 Carrot Island, the vent diagram is in a window near the roof. On Big Nate Island, the school blueprint is in Nate's locker. The secret map to the Time Capsule is under a rock on Seal-Saw Island.

Where do you get the map that your character says you need to get the time capsule on Big Nate island?

The map is on "Seal-Saw Island", a small rock to the right of Puffin Point. You have to look through the telescope at the top of the lighthouse. Once you see it, you will race Nate on the jet ski to reach the map, which is under a teeter-totter slab of rock. (see related question)

How do you move the seals on big nate island?

Push the one on the right to the left side, and both seals as far left as they will go. Then you can grab the paper (a map to the buried location of the Time Capsule).

How do you find the time capsule on big nate island?

That is the object of the game. The location of the Time Capsule is on the map under the seals to the far right of the island (you get there by jet ski).(see related question)NOTE: When you do find the time capsule and dig it up, it will NOT come out of the ground. Just pull it higher and press the shiny clasp to open it.

How do you get the time capsule on Big Nate Island?

The time capsule is the ultimate goal of Big Nate Island. You will have to complete several tasks in succession and beat three mini-games.(See related questions)***SPOILER***The capsule is under the playground, where the girls are standing. You have to find the bell clapper, scare away the seagull, fix the bell, get the map with the jetski, and feed the lost dog, who actually digs up the capsule.Once you have gotten the girls off the playground look at the map and find the exact location of the capsule. Then put a peanut putter cracker over the area where the capsule is. The dog will come over and when he buries the cracker he will uncover the capsule. Click the shiny clasp to open it.

After you get the keys how do you ride the jet ski on Big Nate island?

Look through the telescope on top of the lighthouse to see where you are going : the seal rock has a map under it. Race Nate to the island to get the map.

What do you do after getting the net on big nate island?

You give it to the old guy that is on the balkony and he gives you a lobster and the keys to the boats and then you have to beat nate to the map and get the map out of the rock.

What do you do after you give the dog it's treat on Big Nate island?

Spitsy the dog will bury any peanut butter crackers you give him, digging holes in the process. Once you have the map to the time capsule, and get the girls on the playground to move, you can have Spitsy dig for the missing capsule there.

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