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from the front of the circle to the first spot the disc touches the ground

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Q: Where is the measurement taken to and from when measuring the distance a discus has been thrown?
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How does the distance thrown is measured for the discus throw?

The distance thrown in discus throw is measured from the inner edge of the throwing circle to the point of impact where the discus first touches the ground. The official measuring tape is used to determine the distance.

The discus is thrown whereas the shot is?


What does the discus thrower mean to the greek values?

A discus is a very heavy stone that was thrown by men. The discus was an indicator of great strength and heroism.

What are the two things thrown in the Olympics?

Discus, javelin, shot (shot put), hammer (hammer throw)

Why does a discuss thrown with a moderate speed into headwind achieve greater distance?

with a head wind there is a slim air pocket around the 40-45 degree angle at which you should throw. So with the discus spinning and the air pocket the disc will seem to bounce but it is because the discus will attempt to descend while the air pocket pushes it back up. once the discus decreases in revolutions per second that is when the discus will fall

What are 2 aero dynamic implements thrown in track and field?

The shot put and discus.

How do they measure the distance a javelin is thrown?

The distance a javelin is thrown is measured from the point where the javelin first strikes the ground to the nearest mark made by the point of the javelin that remains in the ground. The measurement is then taken in a straight line from the first mark to the throwing line.

What instrument is most probably used to measure the distance a javelin travels?

A measuring tape is commonly used to measure the distance a javelin travels. The tape is extended from the starting point to where the javelin landed to determine the distance thrown.

What is the olympic game on ice that uses a disc?

Yes, the discus is a track and field event. A heavy disc, called a discus is thrown, the longest throw wins the game.

What is meant by the term discus?

The term discus refers to a heavy disc which is thrown for sport. It is an iconic event for the Olympic Games, first dating back to 708 BC. The discus weighs 2 kilograms for the men's event and 1 kilogram for the women's.

What is thrown at the olympic games that weighs 4lb 6oz?

That is the weight (2 kg) of the men's discus.

How do you spell discuse?

The likely word is "discuss" (to talk over). The thrown object in the Olympics is a discus.