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If you're referring to U.S. pennies, the mint mark is located just below the date, just as it's been since the Lincoln cent was introduced in 1909.

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Q: Where is the mint mark on 2010 pennies?
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Where were 1963 pennies minted?

They were minted at the Philidelphi(no mint-mark), Denver(D) mints. These pennies are not rare.

Do all 1919 wheat pennies have mint marks?

No - there are three types ... 392,021,000 with no mint mark 57,154,000 with D mint mark 57,154,000 with S mint mark for 1919 USA 1 Cent. The mint mark (if present) is below the date.

What is the value of a Lincoln penny?

it depends on the date and the mint mark. Lincoln pennies were minted 1909~now. Wheat pennies 1909~1958. Lincoln memorial pennies 1959~2008. Lincoln bicentennial pennies 2009 (4 designs), Lincoln union shield pennies 2010~ .

If there isn't any mint marks on pennies where were they minted?

No mint mark coins are produced at the Philadelphia,PA

Why do your 1944 pennies not have a mint mark?

Coins made at the Philadelphia mint did not have mint marks until the 1980s. Your coin was made at the Philadelphia mint.

Why does your 1934 penny not have a mint mark?

Pennies both historic and modern do not have a mintmark for coins minted at the Philadelphia mint.

Where were the 1943 steel pennies with no mint mark minted?

Any Lincoln cent that does not have a mintmark was struck at the Philadelphia Mint

Why is there no mint mark on 1972 copper penny?

If there is no mint mark the coin was made at the Philadelphia mint. It was not until 1979 that the "P" appeared on the penny. "P" mintmarks have NEVER been used on pennies.

What is the value of pennies with no mint mark?

The value of a penny with no mint mark is generally one cent. These pennies are the common cents that were minted in Philadelphia. Older (i.e. pre-1950) Philadelphia cents can be worth more but it depends on their date and condition.

When are 2010 proof pennies going to be available?

2010 Proof sets are currently available from the Royal Mint.

When was the last year for the S mint mark on pennies?

The year was 1974 for circulating coins. Proof coins still have the "S" mint mark. Technically speaking, the United States never issued "pennies" - unlike Great Britain, they are referred to as "cents."

Where are pennies made that are not stamped with a d?

Their are a few answers. For pennies no mint mark means Philadelphia or for proof pennies which are only in proof sets S means San Francisco.