Nabooti Island

Where is the missing fingo on nabooti island?

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December 26, 2009 6:25AM

The fingo is being traded at Nabooti. You will need a relic from the Kaya Forests to swap for it. Before going to the Kaya Forests, you need two items from other locations. They are :

  • The shovel (get a blue flower from Blue Nile Falls, trade it for a turban at Nabooti, and go to Giza wearing the turban)
  • The Opuntia Fruit (cactus fig) from the Mountains of the Moon

Use the Opuntia Fruit to lure the tortoise, then dig where he was sitting. You will uncover the Ebony Elephant. You will also awaken the spirits of the forest, who are seeking their lost "fingo", a vase-shaped talisman. Take the elephant to Nabooti, where you can swap it for the fingo. Return the fingo to the spirits and you will receive the Green Jewel.