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There are more than a dozen different model numbers of Smith & Wesson revolvers that are .357 magnum caliber. The Model 60 is a 2 inch 5 shot .357, and the Model 66 is a large frame 6 shot target pistol. Model number is based on frame size, type of sights , and the material (blued steel, alloy, stainless steel, etc. So there is no ONE mdl number.

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What is value and age of s and w model 686 357 mag?

Impossible to answer without the serial number; 100-500 or so

Can you shoot 357 mag in your s and w model 10?

No, do not, under any circumstances, attempt this.

Model 19 cal 357 mag pistol?

Made by S&W; 100-1000 depending on specifics

What is the manufacture date of smith and Wesson model 27-2 357 mag sn?

You must call S&W and give them the serial number to find out.

What year was SW 357 Magnum model 661 made?

There is no S&W with that Model number.

What is the age of a Smith and Wesson 357 mag Model 686 serial AJF3738?

Mid 80's. If you call S&W they will tell you when it left the factory.

What is the average cost for a used s and w model 19 357 mag pistol?

100-1000 depending on what condition of "average" you are talking about.

Can 38 special ammo be use in a model 66-1 357 mag?

Yes. All .357 S&W Magnum firearms are capable of firing .38 Special ammunition. The case of the .357 is just slightly longer.

Is 357 sig the same as 357 mag except auto?

No. They both use a different diameter bullet and the case is different. The .357 Sig case is a bottle-necked version of the .40 S&W case. The .357 mag is a longer version of the .38 Special.

What is the value of a used S and W stainless 6 357 mag pistol?

100-1000 depending on condition, EXACT model, box, papers, accessories, history, etc..

What has more value a S and W 357 mag. model 19-3 in blue for nickel finish?

As a general rule, nickel will be worth about 75 more

What year was 357 magnum model 27 serial number S 102893 built?

The 357 magnum model 27 was produced in 1935 and ceased in 1994 That serial number dates to late 1953 early 1954 time frame.

What is the value of a used S and W 357 with no model number?

100-10000 USD range depending on specifics.

Where do you find the model number on a 357 gun?

Depends on the make of gun. Some will not HAVE a model number, or it will not be marked on the gun. The .357 Magnum has been around since 1935. Even S&W did not use model numbers before WW 2, and Colt used names, not numbers.

What is value of S W 357 Mag Marcas Registradas?

100 to multiple thousands depending on specifics

What is age of Smith and Wesson 686 357 mag with the following numbers above the model stamp 686 of AEU6520 Elsewhere it has C9 4X933?

Early to mid 80's. Call S&W and they will tell you when it was shipped from the factory

What is the value of smith Wesson 357 model 26?

The model 26 was in .45 acp, NOT .357. They were made from 1950 until 1966. So, to answer your question, there is no value in something that doesn't exist (a S&W 357 Model 26).

What is the model number on a 357 magnum with the numbers k 261818 also what is the date of manufacture serial number is 293349?

The serial number is K261818 and dates to @ 1955. You will need to call S&W to find out the model.

What model is .357 magnum 6 shot serial number ADE4493?

There is no way to tell the exact model from just the serial number and published data. Call S&W and they can tell you.

How old is a S and W model 19-3 combat mag serial?

You must call S&W with the serial number to find out.

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