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Where is the odb plug on your 99 Honda Accord?


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The 1999 Honda Accord OBD 2 port is above hood release; connector faces down

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The 1996 is a fifth-generation Accord and the 1999 is a sixth generation Accord. The spindles are not interchangeable. Know that the passenger-side and driver-side spindles are different.

Screwed into the exhaust system.

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Correct answer: NO. The 1994-1997 Accords use a different hood than the 1998-2002 Accords. A '97 Accord hood will NOT fit your '99.

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Nope. Drop in the whole motor or better yet save up and buy a 99 accord. Btw neither are fast. I drive a 99 2.3 vtec accord. Smooth engine but not exactly super quick. Hondas are great.

Behind the glove box. Owner's manual.

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HI, I would suggest you check the ignitor .My 1993 Honda Accord LX had the same symptoms. Mary

The 1999 Honda Accord OBD 2 port is above hood release; connector faces down

It is located under the right wheel well on the 99 accord. It is hard to get to so I chose to take it to someone else to get an oil change. Answer does not make sense for the question asked.

Should be chanegd at appx. 100,000Kms. or 62,500 miles.

If it is a coupe there are two. If it is a sedan there are four.

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