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Where is the oil drain plug located for a 1992 Ford Escort wagon?


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At the bottom of the engine oil pan.


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They are not interchangable. The 87 is a 1st generation Escort and the 92 is a 2nd generation Escort.

On the bottom of the oil pan under the car.

The brake fluid in a 1992 Ford Escort gets put in the brake fluid reservoir. This is normally located on the master cylinder.

There is no drain plug . you will need to remove the trans. pan to drain fluid.

The horn is located behind the bumper, on the passenger side of the radiator support.

if the vehicle has a 1.9 eng. Coil is located on end of engine (drivers side)

The 1992 V-6 Pontiac Sunbird radiator drain plug, is located on the bottom of the radiator. The drain plug can be removed with a 5/8 socket.

The radiator drain on a 1992 Chevy Corsica is located on the bottom, left side of the radiator. It provides a quick and effective way to drain the radiator during maintenance.

As you are facing the engine from the front of the car. The starter is on the back side of the engine below the fuel intake assemblies.

They will not fit. The easiest way to tell if something from an older model will fit onto a newer model is to get the CHilton guide for the year you are working on. If both the donor car's model year and the recipient car's model year are in the same book, it wont work.

A manual transaxle requires 2.9 quarts of MERCON automatic transmission fluid. Fill at speedometer cable connection.

you will find the drain plug on the inside lower left side of the radiator (some models have a white color plug some are black.)

on the fire wall on the drivers side attatch to the booster

In the fuel line. Trace it from the engine to the tank. LOCATED IN THE ENGINE COMPARTMENT ON THE LOWER LEFT SIDE.

The radiator drain plug on a 1992 Ford Thunderbird is located on the bottom, left side of the radiator. It allows for the cooling system to be quickly drained during maintenance.

Model MPG (city) MPG (hwy) Annual Fuel Cost* Greenhouse Gas Emissions (tons/yr)* EPA Air Pollution Score From 0 to 10 (best) Ford Escort Wagon 4 cyl, 1.9 L, Manual 5-spd, Regular2633$1335 6.30NA

The drain plug is located on the left side of the engine. It is close to the bottom, just under the side cover.

The fuse for the horn and other circuits are located just a little left of the clutch pedal.

The drain valves are usually plastic now -a- days and can break easily so I always pull one end off the lower hose to drain the system.

This is a big job but doable if you have the tools and the time to do it. Get a manual on your car from DSCOUNTAUTOREPAIRMANUALS.COM for direction.

i have a 1992 ford escort lx 1.9l. will a 1995 ford escort engine fit. and what would have to replace.

where is the drain plug for the radiator on a 1992 buick regal custom

The 1.9 liter ( and 1.8 ) four cylinder engine on a 1992 Ford Escort has ( 4 fuel injectors )

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