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Oil sending unit is way down on the front of the engine, right next to the oil cooler, between the Power Steering pump and the main crankshaft pulley. There are water hoses for the oil cooler that run right up next to it. The oil sender can be removed with a standard deep socket of the appropriate size, after you disconnect the wire from the top of the sender. This sender is for the oil PRESSURE warning light. There is another one on the Legend that is an oil TEMPERATURE sensor, for the cooling fans to run after a hot engine shutdown. This is a DIFFERENT PART, and is at the very back of the passenger side cylinder head. This one has nothing to do with the oil light though.

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2006-04-09 14:58:23
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Q: Where is the oil sending unit located on an Acura Legend?
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if its an 88 acura legend then you will need to remove the couple of bolts that hold it down and take it to the local auto store. like other cars you can just replace the bulb but on these acura you need to replace the whole headlight unit

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On the left side of steeling wheel, under neat the light control unit. Main relay is about $70.00

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Try the jukyard

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