Where is the old farmer's house on 24 Carrot island?


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It is to the far left on the island, at the Funny Bunny carrot farm. (see related question)

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go get the cat in the old farm house and return to charlie at charlies I.N.C

Really old i guess can you help me with mystery train island on poptropica?

The only underground apparatus on 24 Carrot Island is the equipment stealing the carrots from the carrot farms. (They are used to make rocket fuel.) The operations of the evil Dr. Hare are all in the old Carrot Cake Factory to the far right of the island. You can get in through the sealed waste pipe if you have a crowbar. (see related question)

Bring her the bowl from the old farmhouse. (Enter through the chimney.)

he is in the shower in the cold water

The lack of income from the abandoned carrot farm has the island in poor shape. Stop the carrot theft and rescue the four missing people from the town. You will face the villainous Dr. Hare, who is using the carrots to make rocket fuel in the old Carrot Cake Factory to the right of town. (see related solution)

The Inspector's house is in the Countryside, and she is never there. She is at the museum when the island quest begins.

The waitress at the diner will give you some. Get the bowl from the old farmhouse (enter thru the chimney).

Go to the old farm house go down through the chimney grab the bowl go back to the restaurant fill it with milk go back to the house and set down the bowl of milk and the cat will come to it. If not go out and come back into the house.

The evil scientist Dr. Hare stole the carrots. He is using them to make rocket fuel in the old Carrot Cake factory. (see related question and link)

In the old farmers house, where you barely come in through the chimney it is right there

The carrots are disappearing from the fields. Four of the kids in the town are also missing. Find the missing cat (its at the farmhouse) and then investigate at the old Carrot Cake Factory. (see related question)

Carrot Top (Scott Thompson) is 52 years old (born February 25, 1965).

You enter the old carrot cake factory through the waste pipe along the water at the far right. You need a crowbar to open it, and you can get one by recovering the missing cat. (see related question)

Go left from Main Street to the old farmhouse. You have to enter through the chimney. The bowl is on the floor inside. Once you fill it with milk at the Carrot Diner, bring it back and you will find the cat upstairs in the bathtub.

The culprit is working in the old Carrot Cake Factory, but he's not eating the carrots. He is processing them into rocket fuel! Stop his scheme and rescue the 4 kidnapped townspeople. (see related question)

Enter the chimney to go in. Go up to the bathroom and turn on the shower. Whiskers (the cat) will jump out.

the carrot loses its nutreints when it gets old and dry. only a stupid person wuldnt know that.

He is in New Jersey, near an old abandoned house.

Um in the old house cause me and my girlfreind had sex on that bed

If you mean steven, the champion, he lives in the house in the upper left corner of the island.

The Old Farmers Almanac, or The farmers Almanac as it was first named and published, was edited by Robert Thomas, the publications founder, 1792

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