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Q: Where is the only place today comes before yesterday?
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What does this mean Yesterday's history tomorrow a Mystery today is a gift?

No gift for what you can do today, but a gift for whatyou do in the future - - - I believe it means that yesterday was history, so don't waste all today worrying about the possible mistakes you may have made yesterday. "Tomorrow is a mystery" means that you don't know what will happen tomorrow or how long we have here etc so enjoy what we have today since we have it. "Today is a gift" means that you should be thankful for today and live it to the fullest as it truly is a gift. - - - this is a word-game with the grammar terms past - present - future: yesterday is history = past tomorrow is a mistery = future today is a gift = present a hug

Where was the Location where King Louis was executed?

This happened at the Place de la Concorde as it is called today. Before the Revolution, this square was called Place de Louis XV and it had a large statue of Louis XV on it. During the Revolution, this statue was smashed and the French Revolutionaries baptized the square Place de la Revolution. Right in front of the spot where the statue of Louis XV used to be, the guillotine was erected. Today, on the exact spot where that guillotine used to be, there is a memorial statue.

What Anglo Saxons place names still exist today?

Britain England frod

What type of normative history-graded influences are taking place today?

an amizing person is Cody Roderquiz my love

How long did the slave trade take?

The slave trade started before recorded history and is still happening today

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What yesterday was and what tomorrow will be?

today Before yesterday passed, it was today. When tomorrow comes, it will be today.

Where does Today comebefore Yesterday and Tomorrow?

Today comes before yesterday and tomorrow in a dictionary!

When does yesterday come after today?

Well, If you look in a dictionary, the word Today comes before Yesterday. Hope this helps.

What was yesterday?

The day before today. Two days before tomorrow. But if tomorrow never comes, will yesterday ever go. =/ At the time of this writing, yesterday was Sunday, January 1st, 2011.

Here on earth it is true yesterday is always before today but there is a place where yesterday always follows today where?

In the dictionary

If today is Friday what is the day that follows the day that comes after the day that comes before the day before yesterday?

Yesterday, aka Thursday.

What does today is yesterday after mean?

It means that today is the same as tomorrow's yesterday, and that it is the same as yesterday's tomorrow.The day after yesterday is today, because today is what comes after yesterday. Do you get it now?

If today is Sunday what is the day that comes after the day that precedes the day before yesterday?


Who sad today comes before yesterday and tomorrow - was it said in willy wonka's chocolate factory?

Today doesn't come before Yesterday and Tomorrow in Willy Wonka's choolate factory the answer is actually the English dictionary

When was yesterday?

Yesterday was the day before today.

What is yesterday?

Yesterday is the day before today.

A place where yesterday follows today?

In the Dictionary, encyclopedia or Thesaurus.