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Q: Where is the original Renoir painting 'Grape pickers at lunch located?
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Where is the original Renoir painting '1879 Roses' located?

It is in a private collection.

What does FcH 1932 mean on a Renoir oil painting?

It means this is not a Renoir original.

How much is an original canvas painting of Renoir?

Some million dollars.

Which was Renoir's last painting?

Renoir's last painting (1918) was a nude titled Les Baigneuses or The Bathers. It is an oil painting on canvas.

How do you determine an original Pierre Auguste Renoir painting two sisters on the terrace?

The most definitive answer is....... It's not owned by you! :)~

What style of painting did Renoir paint in?

He was one of the original impressionists.

When was the painting Claude Renoir Potting painted?

Renoir painted it in 1916.

What is a style of painting popularized by Monet and Renoir?

The style of painting popularized by Claude Monet and Pierre Auguste Renoir was impressionism.

What is the story behind Renoir?

Renoir started this painting about 1881 and made substantial changes in it about 1886.

When did Pierre-Auguste Renoir begin painting?

It was in his teens.

Who is the woman on the left side in Renoir's painting 'the Umbrellas'?

The identities of the women in this painting are not known.

How much is Renoir's print?

More information is needed because there are huge numbers of Renoir prints. Please post a new, separate question with the name of the original painting and any information about the specific print (date, source, etc.)