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Where is the pcv value located on a 1992 buick century?


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If you have a 3.3L the PVC valve is located under the alternator.


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On a 1992 Buick Century, the oil filter is located between the radiator and the lower front of the engine. The radiator is situated in slightly in front of the filter.

Hello, Paint codes on the 1992 buick cars are usually found under the spare tire cover. Good luck

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Right behind the headlights on the passenger side of the car.

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Anywhere from 2900lbs to 3100lbs

take off your harmonic balancer the answer is behind

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it is just in front of the right (driver side) rear wheel

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all vehicles made after 1992 use 134a before 1992 use r-12 and require a specialist.

Im not sure if its the same as a 1990 Buick century you have to pry up the speaker/defroster cover using a screwdriver. The speaker than has two screws securing it to the dashboard.

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