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The Precinct in Adam-12 is located in Los Angeles County, California

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Q: Where is the police department in Adam 12?
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Adam-12 was set in LA Who or what was Adam-12?

A police car

How many police officers are in the Toledo OH Police Department?

There were 721 sworn officers of all ranks on the Toledo Ohio Police Department as of 12-31-2009.

What city's police department employed joe Friday lt columbo pepper Anderson rick hunter and vic mackey as well as the guys in the Adam-12 patrol car?

Los Angeles

What are the release dates for The Los Angeles Police Department - 1912?

The Los Angeles Police Department - 1912 was released on: USA: 12 July 1912

What genre was the 1968 TV series Adam-12?

Action police drama

What is the abbreviation of police department?

PD (Police Department)

What were the 2 police officers name on the tv show Adam 12?

officers Malloy and Reed

What is Seattle Police Department's motto?

The motto of Seattle Police Department is 'Service, Pride, Dedication'.

On the show Adam-12 what was Adam-12?

On the show Adam-12, the words "Adam-12" are the radio call sign for the police unit occupied by Officers Pete Malloy and Jim Reed.When the dispatcher called "1 Adam-12", the "1" represented the Central District, "Adam" was the designation for a two person vehicle, and the "12" was their zone that they were assigned to patrol, even though in the show, Malloy and Reed were seen patrolling all over the greater Los Angeles area.

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1875 is when the Modesto Police Department was founded. The current Chief of Police in the department is Galen Carroll.

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Chicago Department of Aviation Police Chicago Housing Authority Police Department Chicago Park District Police Department Lincoln Park District Police Department Morgan Park Police Department South Park District Police Department West Park District Police Department

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Lee Vance is the Chief of Police in the Jackson, Mississippi Police Department.