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between the stock and the barrel

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Where is the receiver on a browning shotgun?

The receiver is the largest metal piece of the shotgun, in other words, the frame of the shotgun. All the other parts, such as barrel, stock, bolt, etc- attach to the receiver. With modern firearms, the receiver will be marked with the serial number. Legally, the receiver IS the firearm- all other parts are simply parts.

Did the Goldwing 512 shotgun ever have a siver receiver?

The Goldwing with a silver receiver is sold exclusively by Dick's Sporting Goods.

Is a browning a 5 shotgun made in Belgium?

It will be marked on the receiver/barrel.

Where can I find a receiver for a 410 gauge model 101.1 JC Higgins shotgun?

A receiver is legally a firearm, and is a regulated part. You would need to contact a gunsmith- and you will find you can buy a complete shotgun for less.

What is the shortest legal length for a single shot shotgun barrel?

Unable to answer as asked. Is it already a shotgun or will it be built from a virgin receiver?

How do you know the age of belgium browning shotgun?

by the serial number on the bottom of the receiver

Is the receiver of a Revelation shotgun steel or aluminum?

Hello this is Blake and Campbell the answer is 4

What do you call a browning hump back Shotgun?

It is the the Auto 5 Semi Automatic Browning shotgun. Named for the shape of the receiver that is unlike most any other brand of shotgun.

Is a shotgun that is disassembled a firearm?

Legally, yes. A firearm is defined as the receiver (frame) Even when it has been taken apart, the receiver is still legally a firearm.

Where wasw browning shotgun S 03289 made?

It will be marked on the receiver/barrel where it was made.

Is L13PZ05242 a citori or superposed browning over and under shotgun?

It will be marked on the botton of the receiver.

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