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Q: Where is the red block in Super Mario 64 on the course cool cool mountain?
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Super Mario 64 ds where is the baby penguin lv4?

He is at the top of the mountain, by the block of ice just above where you start from.

How do you get to the star block from super paper mario?

You finish the level.

How do you get out of the locked door after you get the hand pixel on super paper Mario?

get the block and hit the button with the block you got

How do you get the blue switch on super Mario flash 2?

Hit the block under it

How do you get a goomba shoe in Super Mario Brothers 3?

You hit the block that the shoe goomba is on.

How do you defeat Demintio in Super Paper Mario?

try to block his attack but i used cheats on my wii

How do you get your pixl to look like a hand on Super Paper Mario?

Flip in the room with red and blue things and you will see a pipe. Go in that pipe open the treasure chest open it to get it. But you will have to throw a block at a blue block to get out. Anymore questions about Super Paper Mario ask me :)

How do you get the block in Super Mario ds 64?

If im right, your talking about the brick block. You need to be Mario. Then, jump on the A and L at the same time.You will see an item or three coins. BUH BYE!

What are 4 glitches in Super paper Mario world 2-1?

The 4 glitches in Super paper Mario world 2-1 are the Skeleton pokey, Star Block, Dark Town and the barriers.

On super Mario bros ds how do you get a koopa Mario?

Get it out of a flying ?-block or from a toad house. In multi^layer you can get it in the ice level (jump on the blue koopa and get the shell).

Where can you find folded mountain and a fault block mountain?

where is block mountain found

How do you free luigi in super Mario 64 ds?

its in boos mansion go in the ROOM with the ? block with Mario then float up to the next room and the painting will be in there to rescue luigi