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Where is the river yarl cumbria?


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August 09, 2012 8:24AM

The River Yarl is a small stream that runs from Poaka Beck reservoir (north of Dalton-in-Furness in Cumbria) and flows southwards to eventually emerge at the North-Eastern corner of Cavendish Dock in Barrow-in-Furness - a distance of less than ten miles.

On my OS map, from the reservoir to Millwood (south west of Dalton), it is called Poaka Beck. From the fire station in Dalton, the stream is carried via an underground pipe to emerge again adjacent to Dalton Cricket Club. The route of this section runs along King Street under the grassy area running from the "dry" side of the bridge in a generally southerly direction. Midway along this grassy area, there is a concrete slab where water can be heard running underneath.

Although the stream is known as Poaka Beck, there used to be a sandstone slab by Dalton Motor Spares on Ulverston Road with "Yarl Bridge" engraved on it. This slab is now pebble dashed over and can no longer be seen.

Close to here, along Ulverston Road, there is a street called Yarl Well, beneath which a sluggish spring called 'The Yarl' emerges. This follows the far edge of the boundary of Dalton CC's pitch and then joins the main stream close to Dalton United FC.

The main stream continues to flow through Dalton, eventually passing under Abbey Road, emerging at Goose Green and flows towards Millwood and Furness Abbey.

When the stream reaches Millwood, it is joined by another small stream and becomes known as Mill Beck. It continues under this name through the Vale of Nightshade via the grounds of Furness Abbey until it reaches Roose on the edge of Barrow, all the while following the line of the railway.

It is worth noting that that area of Roose is known as Yarlside. Some maps show the stream as being called the River Yarl, though locally it is known as the Red Waters or the Red River. There is indeed a working men's club adjacent to the stream called the Red River Club.

It is believed that the Red River name is due to pollution caused by the iron ore mining which was prevalent in the area in years gone by.

The stream then passes under Roose Road close by the railway bridge and follows the line of the railway into Barrow, between the railay line and Longway. Finally, it flows alongside a privately-owned trout fishing pond, close by the Sandgate pub. The fishing pond is connected directly to Cavendish Dock; the Yarl's waters eventually reach the sea via an outflow pipe from the dock through the seawall.

A "tributary" of the Yarl flows from behind Longway towards a water treatment works, meeting the sea via a second pipeline under the seawall adjacent to Roosecote power station.