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In a bank the safest place to be is in the vault.

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Q: Where is the safest place in a bank during a tornado?
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Is it true that A highway overpass is a good place to hide from a tornado?

Usually - yes. If you're caught out in the open and a tornado is approaching... the safest place to shelter is underneath the overpass - as high up the sloping bank as possible.

How do you use the word bank in sentence?

A bank is the safest place to keep your money.

Where is the best and safest place to buy investment gold?


Safest bank in lumberton ?

Hancock Bank is the Safest bank in Lumberton, NC, USA.

Where is the safest place to put your money?

GIRL/WOMEN: your bra BOY/MEN: a savings account/the bank

Is a ditch a safe place to be during a violent tornado?

No. You should take cover in a ditch only as a last resort if no other shelter is available. A ditch is simply better than being completely exposed. The only truly safe place is underground or in a reinforced enclosure such as a tornado shelter or bank vault.

What is the safest way to bank online?

The safest way to bank online is to use a trusted website such as the Wells Fargo bank. You must also be sure that the website is not a fake.

What is the safest bank in Harry Potter?

The only bank mentioned is Gringotts.

Where can one place an order for personal checks?

If one is looking for a personal check the best option would be to call your local bank and request them. This is the easiest and safest method to place a order.

How much cash can you deposit into your bank account?

it depends on what the bank tells you, but usually the safest amount to deposit in a bank is around P250,00.

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Bank Shot

What is the safest California bank?

Try Farmers & Merchants Bank located in Long Beach. One of best ratings.

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