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the serial number is under the grips

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What is the manufactures date on an Iver Johnson revolver serial # Q18255

it is worth 65- 200 depending the condission it was mad late 1800's to early 1900's

What is the value of iver johnson 6 shot top break revolver?

The western style .22 caliber 8 shot Iver Johnson revolver began production in 1968. This gun is most likely from the late 1970s. They are valued at about 150 dollars in average condition.

My iver johnson has the serial # on the trigger guard

The Iver Johnson Trailsman model 66 large frame revolver was made from 1958-1978.

You posted this under the Iver Johnson topic and that company made a lot of revolvers in Fitchburg, which isn't far from Chicopee Falls. The only arms maker I find in Chicopee is Stevens, but I have no records of a Stevens revolver. Are you sure it is not a tip-up pistol?

A Lver Johnson model 1900 22 revolver gun can be worth $115 dollar or up. It all depends on the shape it is in.

The only reference that I could find to a 9 shot Iver Johnson revolver was the model 1900 Target large frame revolver that was made from 1921-1941.i hope that this is the firearm in question.

These were made by the Iver Johnson Company from 1910-1935. Your revolver is from around 1930.

1914. There was no US Revolver Company- that was a brand named used by the Iver Johnson Company.

No. The company went out of business several years before the internet existed (1978).

US Revolver company was an Iver Johnson brand name. If you go to Google, select IMAGES, enter US Revolver Company 22, you may have some luck. These were very similar to the Iver Johnson revolvers of the same era.

The value of an Iver Johnson Magnum 22 caliber revolver would be dependent upon a number of factors. Some of these factors would be the age and condition.

The value of an 1896 Iver Johnson 22 caliber 7 shot revolver is dependent upon a number of factors. The condition of the revolver would need to be taken highly into consideration when determining the value.

About 1915. US Revolver Company was a brand name used by the Iver Johnson Company from 1911 to 1933.

.22 cal. Iver-Johnson Cadet revolver

It was a .32 caliber Iver Johnson 5-shot revolver

Johnson & Johnson, however, remember Tylenol is just a trade mark used for the drug acetaminophen. other companies can make it its not patented

A secondary brand of the Iver Johnson company, your US Revolver Company .32 was probably made between 1915 and 1917. depending on what you need. I can tell you they don't have a barrel!

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