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Where is the serpentine tension pulley on a Chevy Malibu?


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2005-03-04 21:12:02
2005-03-04 21:12:02

I believe on the passenger side of the engine (the "front" of the engine since it's a front wheel drive, it's turned sideways in the engine compartment). On the newer (not newest, per se) model Malibu, the engine must be supported while the engine mount is removed or unbolted to replace the belt. Of course, if you are just doing the pulley, the belt can lay there until the new pulley is installed, and supporting the engine/removing th emount will not be necessary. Find the serpentine belt and it will be in contact with the tensioner pulley. Tensioners and idler pulleys are typically fairly simple to replace, and relatively inexpensive (parts at least) from what I've seen.


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How do I rethread the serpentine belt on a 2002 Malibu with a V-6?

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In the drivers manual if pulley has grooves belt grooves face it if pulley is slick back of belt faces it

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Buy a Chevy!!!! That was a big help. Most but not all serpentine belt systems have a spring loaded tension pulley that just holds constant tension on the belt. If there is a tension pulley, it will be the one pulley that is not attached to anything like the alternator or AC. After that, the alternator is the most likely to be the one that adjusts.

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There is no way to adjust the belt tensioner, if it's not keeping enough tension on the belt the complete tensioner itself will need replaced.

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The tensioner is the arm on the passenger side of the engine near the front that has a pulley on the end and controls the tension of the serpentine belt.

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