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Where is the slave cylinder on a 1993 Ford Probe?


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2009-03-22 23:05:28
2009-03-22 23:05:28

many 93 Ford probes have the slave cylinder and the brake pump as one. ford had a great idea of putting those two together. its the drivers side off in the back right by the wheel base.

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take it to the shop u nee a special tool to do it

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In the dist. Takeit to Auto zone and have them check it out.

Yes it is possible with a bellhousing adaptor plate..... but in short no......Buy the right tranny......or a flux capacitor......

no it is not. simply because you can't swap a 6cylinder computer with a 4 cylinder

It has to be on the slave cylinder, not sure that was your question.

you just need to hone it out and replace parts with rebuild kit.

I believe that is inside the manual transmission bell housing

ford probe gt rims are 7 inch

All CV shafts are held in by a retaining clip on the end of the inboard CV joint.

The 1995 Ford Probe, either the GT or the 4 cylinder DID NOT COME with a Turbo.

where are timing marks on 89 ford probe 4 cylinder I have the bottom not the top

The slave cylinder for a hydraulic clutch on a Ford Ranger is inside the manual transmission bellhousing

The bleed valve is located on the drivers side of the bell housing.

The slave cylinder on a 1988 Ranger can not be repaired. The cylinder will have to be replaced, then the system bled.

Yes , according to the Gates website the 2.0 liter 4 cylinder in a 1996 Ford Probe IS an interference engine

the ford probe of the same years have the exact same engine

In the front of the transmisson, right by the radiator. Its about 6-7 inches long and its bolted into the bell housing and connected to the clutch fork

its a Mazda engine . ( DOHC 4cyl. 16 valve 2.0l ) For the probe 1993

For a four cylinder 2.0 it is 1342 for the 6 banger it is 123456 hope this helps

The engine coolant drain plug in the 1996 Ford Probe 4-cylinder is located at the bottom end of the radiator. There is a coolant reservoir at the top of the engine as well.

The slave cylinder for a hydraulic clutch is located inside the manual transmission bellhousing

The slave cylinder for a hydraulic clutch is inside the manual transmission bell housing

The slave cylinder is not on the firewall, it is at the transmission. The master cylinder is on the firewall.

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