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Where is the speed sensor located on a 98 Ford Windstar?


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2005-11-13 21:46:50
2005-11-13 21:46:50

On Top of the Transmission. You can see the Black sensor just under the Air Breather Intake assembly in front of the driver side. It has an electrical wire connection and is bolted onto the tranny with (2)5/16" hex head bolts and (1)1/2" nut that holds the throttle arm to the sensor. Very easy to replace. Good Luck Jim


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The speed control device or speed sensor on a 1995 Ford Windstar is located on the transmission. It is a plug in just behind the bell housing.

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The speed sensor on a 97 Ford Windstar van is located on the side of the transmission. It tells the vehicle's engine vital information which it uses to make constant adjustments.

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it is on the trans,right side you will have to remove cat.converters to access.

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ford speed sensor is located on front of differential. speed ring is inside diff housing

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