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Where is the speed sensor on a 93 Trans Am?


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2011-07-15 22:25:17
2011-07-15 22:25:17

the speed sensor is on the transmission i aso know you can adjust the speed reading according to tire/rim size or different rear-end gears with a hypertech power programmer.


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A "speed" sensor can affect the shifting of the trans.

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The vehicle speed sensor is on the top of the rear axle. The trans output speed sensor is on the driver side tail housing of the trans,

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right on the trans they are plug ins one is a speed sensor

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I am havingtrouble with my 93 Prizm 1.6 with the Auto Transmission. I belive the Speed Sensor is on the back side of the transmission. Look down from the back of your motor and look for an electrical connection to the top of your trans. Unhook the wire and its a 10mm both to get it off.

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The speedometer signal comes from the ABS sensor on top of the rear axle. The trans also has speed sensors on it for trans shifting.

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