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it goes into tranny behind transfer case

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โˆ™ 2007-04-27 00:50:13
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Q: Where is the speedometer cable for a 1988 s15 Jimmy?
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What is 1988 gmc jimmy s15 horsepower?

Owners manual (available for download online) says 190 horsepower

Are the doors on a GMC 92 s15 Jimmy compatible for a GMC 88 s15 pickup?


What transmission does your 1993 gmc jimmy s15 have?


What refrigerant goes into a 1989 gmc S15 jimmy?

134 A

Is a 2.8 camaro motor the same as a 86 s15 jimmy?


Is the Chevy s10 blazer bolt pattern the same on the gmc jimmy s15?


How much oil does a 1988 gmc jimmy s15 hold take?

2.5L.....3.5 with filter 2.8L.....4.5 with filter 4.3L.....5.0 with filter add fluid gradually and check, these are approximate

Will the drivers seat from a late 90s Blazer or Jimmy fit a 1990 GMC Jimmy S15?

he did lawn bowls with Jeff french!

Where is the fuel pump located on a 1990 GMC jimmy s15 4.3L V6?

In the gas tank

Hose diagram for 1988 GMC S-15?

Vacuum hose diagram 1988 gmc s15 2.5

Where is the oil filter on a 1988 GMC S15 pickup?

on the engine look around you will find it

What is the easiest and quickest way to change the heater core in a 1988 GMC Jimmy S15?

The easiest and quickest way to change the heater core in your 1988 GMC Jimmy is to remove the water from the cooling system. Remove the water lines from the heater core. Remove the heater core retaining bolts. Reverse the process to install the new heater core.

S15 jimmy oil filter location?

it is inside of the engine in the front drivers side mounted to the fender...

Can you get a vacuum diagram for a1989 gmc jimmy s15 4.3?

A repair manual for that vehicle would have that info.

Can a 350 v8 fit in a v6 95 s15 jimmy?

yes it can and it's really a pretty simple swap.

Where is the fuel pump relay located on a 94 gmc jimmy s15?

in the fuel tank on top of the fuel pump. good luck.

How do you fix a flooding engine coolant for a 1988 2 wd 4.3 liter S15 GMC Jimmy?

i dont understand your question, coolant wont flood your engine unless your head is cracked or warped,?????? and if it does flood, you will just hydraulic the combustion chamber, =not good:(

Which faster 240sx or s15?

an s15 is a 240sx. although if your talking about the American s13 or 14 then the s15 is faster. the s15 came with an sr20det while the American 240 came with a ka24de

Your 1988 Gmc s15 4.3L V6 Tbi has spark and fuel just wont turn over?

Could be starter.

How do you take a 1992 s15 jimmy out of 4wd?

push the 4Hi button- Go's into 4WD. Push 4HI button again- Go's out of 4WD

What could cause your fuel injectors to stick open on your 1986 GMC S15 jimmy 4 x 4?

Dirt, rust, etc.

Where can I get a vacuum hose diagram for 1987 GMC Jimmy S15?

When making any changes to a car, it is important to have a diagram for a guide. A diagram for a 1987 GMC Jimmy vacuum hose system can be found in its manual.

What is faster a Nissan Silvia s15 or a Nissan fairlady?

silvia s15

Where can you get the blue plastic clip that goes on the end of the power acuator in the tailgate of a 2000 s15 jimmy?

only place i found one was junk yard

What would cause the oil pressure gauge on your 1991 S15 jimmy not to work and how do you fix it?

Have you change the oil pressure sending unit, that's what I had to do. David