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Where is the starter located in a 1998 Oldsmobile Intrigue?


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It is located under the motor, front and center. To access it, you must get under the vehicle.


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The 1998 Oldsmobile Intrigue gets an estimated 19 mpg in the city. The vehicle gets an estimated 30 mpg highway mileage.

The Antenna is built into the rear window.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QKdDTupYOCM Its for a 1998 Buick Century, but I believe it is the same on the Intrigue

What does 'service engine soon' light mean on a 1998 olds intrigue?

The fuse panel cover is on the passenger side in a 1998 Oldsmobile intrigue. Same location as vehicles that have it on driver side. Just pull on it and it will pop off.

Itd in the top middle towards the back in that whole system of pulleys its the one that take a 5/8 wratchet

passenger side of the motor must remove the serpentine belt there is a diagram on the left side of the motor compartment

The 1998 Oldsmobile Intrigue turn signal flasher control module is below the dashboard on the drivers side of the passenger compartment. The signal flasher control module should be labeled as such.

Most parts on the 1998 through 2002 Olds Intrigues are interchangeable.

It's built in to the circuitry of the alternator. It's not serviceable separately.

Low pressure port - Larger hose from air compressor

Alldata, haynes manual, or the sticker on the hood.

The Oldsmobile Intrigue does not have a timing belt. It uses gears. For cars that do have a timing belt, about 60,000 miles. But remember than some engines don't use one.

If you get the PCM, engine wiring harness, and intake manifold from the Regal also..

Well, you figure about 200 for the new starter and allow up 200 for labor. It depends on the stuff that has to be moved to get to it. Also depends on the area of the country you live in for labor rates. They vary. It is a little less if you get a remanufactured starter, but that is your call. Good luck.

under the ignition coils. it is flat comes off after you remove the three numbered igniton coils. they plug into the module underneath them.

Front, drivers side , below engine

You can't take off the "governor" on any computerized car.

The evap purge solenoid is located on the top of the engine. The evap vent solenoid is located in the rear drivers side wheel well, attached to the charcoal canister.

the starter is located on the right side of the engine.

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