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Where is the starter on 1982 Mustang?


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2004-12-07 12:45:45
2004-12-07 12:45:45

it's underneath and bolts to the transmission via two bolts. it's the size of a small coffee can. it runs parallel to the oil pan.. it's big. you can' miss it. if you car is having trouble starting, look for corroded wires or a malfunctioning starter realy, which is bolted to the inner fender by the battery. email with further ?'s


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Where is the starter on 2003 ford mustang?

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The starter on a 1965 classic mustang is located on the passenger side of the engine at the rear. You should be able to follow the red battery cable to the starter solenoid (relay) and then down to the starter

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The Starter on a 1995 Mustang THe starter is located at the bottom of the engine near just off the flywheel. Disconnect the battery, then the wires going to the starter, unbolt the old starter, bolt in the new starter, attach the wires, connect the battery and you're done.

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the starter is located on the bellhousing towards the passenger side

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