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Q: Where is the starter relay located on a 2002 Jetta GLS 1.8t?
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How do you identify the wiper relay in a 2002 Volkswagen Jetta?

wiper relay in 2002 vw jetta

Where is the starter relay located on a 2002 f150 pick up?

The starter relay is located on the battery side of the engine compartment on a 2002 F150 pick up truck. It is on the firewall close to the battery.

Where is the starter relay on a 2002 Nissan Sentra?

the relay are located at the dash under near fuse

Where is the fan relay for 2002 jetta?

it does not have a relay for the fans. they are controlled by the fan control module located underneath the driver side frame rail.

Does a 2002 s10zr2 have an starter module and where is it located?

It would have a starter relay and it is located in the power distribution box under the hood. Remove the black plastic cover and turn the cover over, it will tell you which relay is for the starter.

Where is the 2002 jetta ac relay?

The 2002 VW Jetta air conditioning relay switch can be found in the fuse box. The air conditioning relay switch will be in the third column, second from the top.

Where is the starter relay located on a 2002 Chevy venture?

, The Starter Relay is located on the radiator support bracket, very near the battery. You can see a diagram on the link that I have provided (scroll to the bottom of that page). Good Luck, Greg A.

Is there a fuse relay for the air conditioner on a 2002 vw jetta?


Where is the oil drain plug located on a 2002 volkswagen jetta?

oil drain plug vw jetta 2002

Vw jetta 2002 blinkers ar not working what can be wrong and how much can cost?

u have to replace the relay that is located behind the emergency light button on the dash

Where is the starter relay located on a 2002 VW Passat?

On my 1995 Passat it is located on the fuse block, under the dash, to the left of the steering column. I doubt they have moved it from this location.

2002 lancer won't start?

Try to replace the starter relay

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