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This statue is at Rapids City, South Dakota ,at the corner of Mt. Rushmore Rd. & St. Joseph Street.

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Q: Where is the statue of president John Tyler with the violin located?
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Which president other than John Tyler was a violin player?

Thomas Jefferson

Where is president john tyler libary located?

There isn't one.

What was president Tyler's full name?

John Tyler was US President Tyler's full name.

Who preceded president Polk?

John Tyler preceded Polk as US president.

What president was called Tyler?

The 10th President of the United States was John Tyler.

Where is President John Tyler from?

John Tyler was the last president elected from the state of Virginia.

Was Tyler John president of the US?

John Tyler was the 10th President of the United States.

How many states were in the union when John Tyler was president?

There were 26 states when Tyler was President.

What president's last name was Tyler?

Zachary Tyler

Did John Tyler play the violin?

Yes. He was a good violinist and would perform for his guests.

Did John Tyler die after one month as president?

No- he did not die. President Harrison died and Tyler took his place as president.

Did John Tyler die while president?

NO, Tyler lived for several years as an ex-president.