South Dakota

This 77,117-sq-mi US state is comprised of three main regions – the central Great Plains, the Black Hills to the west and the eastern prairie. South Dakota’s largest city is Sioux Falls, while Pierre is its capital.

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South Dakota

What are 3 main physical features of South Dakota?

South Dakota is located in the Great Plains of North America.

The three main physical features are the Prairie Hills in Eastern South Dakota, the Black Hills in Western South Dakota, and the Badlands in South-Western South Dakota.

The most important river is the Missouri River.

South Dakota
Unemployment Benefits

How long do you have to work at a job to collect unemployment in South Dakota?

To qualify for benefits, you must have been paid wages for insured work, for civilian employment with the federal government, or for active duty in the military service in two or more quarters of your base period.

The regular base period is the first four of the last five completed calendar quarters before the effective date of your new claim for unemployment insurance benefits.

Each quarter equals 3 months. so two or more quarters would be a minimum of 6 months.

South Dakota

What are the badlands made of?

Soft sedimentary clay-like rocks.
North Dakota
South Dakota

Which state is farther north North Carolina or South Dakota?

South Dakota is further north than North Carolina.

History of the United States
North Dakota
South Dakota

When did South Dakota become a US state?

South Dakota was admitted as either the 39th or the 40th state on 2 November 1889.

President Harrison signed the law that made both North and South Dakota into states. Before he did so, he shuffled the papers on his desk. He covered up the names on the papers. No one knows which state he signed into law first, however, they are listed in alphabetical order, so that North Dakota is said to be the thirty-ninth state and South Dakota is said to be the fortieth.

South Dakota

How many tornadoes does South Dakota get each year?

The answer depends on where you find the information.

The NOAA website lists an average of 28 tornadoes per year for South Dakota.

The US Tornadoes website list an average of 36 tornadoes per year for South Dakota.

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South Dakota

What are the postal abbreviations for South Dakota North Dakota and Iowa?

The postal abbreviations are:

South Dakota: SD

North Dakota: ND

Iowa: IA

North Dakota
South Dakota
Train Travel

Can you go from North Dakota to South Dakota by train?

No, you can not. There are no passenger trains which travel through South Dakota. Passenger trains in North Dakota stop in Fargo, then go northwest through Minot.

State Laws
South Dakota

What is the legal age to play bingo in SD?

The legal age to play Bingo in South Dakota is 18.

South Dakota
Sioux Falls

Are they building a Costco in South Dakota?

As of July 2011, there is no definite information available.

Botany or Plant Biology
South Dakota

What kinds of trees are in Custer state park?

Black Hills Spruce, Ponderosa Pine, Birch, Aspen, and Oak are the majority

Ponderosa Pine is what covers most of the park

South Dakota
US National Parks Reserves and Monuments
Mount Rushmore

Is Mount Rushmore in South Dakota or Wisconsin?

Mt. Rushmore is located in South Dakota.

South Dakota
Road Distance

How far is it from Edmonton Alberta to Sturgis South Dakota?

It is 974 miles according to Google Maps.

South Dakota

What kind of volcanoes are the Black Hills?

The granite core of the Black Hills of South Dakota was emplaced by magma generated during the Trans-Hudson orogeny. This volcanic activity, which occurred in the northern Black Hills, is responsible for the uplift of the Black Hills region.

South Dakota

What is the capital of South Dakota?

The capital of the US state of South Dakota is Pierre. (pronounced 'peer')


The capital city is Pierre, population approximately 14,000.

South Dakota

Is South Dakota bigger then Oregon?

No, Oregon is the 9th largest US State and South Dakota ranks 17th.

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South Dakota
Borders and Boundaries

Why was the Dakota Territory divided into North Dakota and South Dakota?

It was a suitable way to divide up the Territory into appropriate state sized parcels.

The Dakota Territory would have been too large to effectively govern considering the nature of transportation in 1899.

Also, there was intense rivalry between the business interests that focused on each railway that was built across the territory. One ran through what now is North Dakota, the other ran through what now is South Dakota. They did such a good job of disagreeing that eventually they separated the territory into two separate states to settle the feud.

One major reason for the separation was to gain representation for the region in national politics. If the Dakota Territory were to have simply stayed as one state there would have been 2 Senators (vs 4 currently) and 1 House Rep. (vs 2 currently).

North Dakota and South Dakota are parts of land acquired in the Louisiana purchase. They ended up as two distinct states due to a political conflict at the time statehood was announced that related to the building of the transcontinental railway. See the attached link.

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Maps and Directions

Which state is farther north Wyoming or South Dakota?

South Dakota extends farther North than Wyoming.
South Dakota is more northerly than Wyoming. Wyoming's northern border is the the southern border of Montana while South Dakota hugs the eastern border of Montana about 100 miles up from its' southern border (MT).

Wyoming is further west than South Dakota. South Dakota is bordered by Wyoming to the west.

South Dakota

What are the human characteristics of Rapid City South Dakota?

Human characteristics of Rapid City, South Dakota include:

Rapid City is an urban area with a growing population.

Transportation is mainly by personal vehicles or walking. There is an airport with connections to Denver, Minneapolis, Dallas/Fort Worth, Chicago, and Salt Lake City. The Rapid Transit system provides fixed city bus routes, Dial-A-Ride for those with disabilities, and the City View Trolley.

There is a wide variety of restaurants available in Rapid City, including fast food, Italian, Mexican, Japanese, and American.

Life-size bronze sculptures of past United States presidents are on display throughout the downtown area giving Rapid City the nickname "The City of Presidents".

South Dakota

Was South Dakota a slave state?

No, South Dakota became a state after the Civil War.

Postage and Shipping
South Dakota

How long does mail take from South Dakota to Chicago Illinois?

First class mail is delivered in 3 to 5 days.

South Dakota

What is pierre's state?

South Dakota. Pierre is the capital.

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South Dakota

Is there a Costco in North Dakota?

There are currently no Costcos in ND, however plans have been announced to open one in West Fargo on November 1, 2012.

South Dakota

What color is the South Dakota state flower?

South Dakota's state flower, the American Pasqueflower, is usually a blue/purple color but may also be white.

Divorce and Marriage Law
Property Law
South Dakota

Is South Dakota a community property state?

No. In the United States there are ten community property states: Alaska, Arizona, California, Idaho, Louisiana, Nevada, New Mexico, Texas, Washington and Wisconsin.


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