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where is the thermostat locted on my Ford escot 2002

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Q: Where is the themostat located on a 2002 escort?
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Where is the water temp sensor located on a 1995 ford escort 1.9L engine?

The coolant temperature sending sensor on 1.9L & 2.0L engines (on '96 and earlier) are located on a cooling tube or into the themostat housing (usual position).

Where is the PCV valve located on a 2002 Ford Escort?

The PCV valve is an abbreviation for Positive Crankcase Ventilation, which is the recycling of gases of a vehicle. In a 2002 Ford Escort the PCV valve is located in the front of the engine near the drivers side.

Where is the camshaft sensor located on 2002 ford escort 2.0?

wher is the camshaft sensor for escort2002

Where is your 02 sensor located on a 2002 ford escort?

The upstream O2 sensor is located in the exaust manifold which is bolted to the front of the engine.

Where is the starter located on 2002 Ford Escort Zx2?

The starter is located between the engine and the firewall towards the bottom. There are 3 bolts that hold it in place. zx2 2002 model.

Where is the fuel pump located on a 2002 ford escort?

The electric fuel pump is INSIDE the fuel tank

Where is the computer located in a 1996 Ford escort?

Where is the computer located in a Ford Escort?

Where is the dual overhead cam located on a 2002 ford escort zx2?

Where is the dual overhead cam located or the air temp charge sensor?

Where do you recharge the ac on the 2002 ford escort ZX2?

To recharge the AC on the 2002 Ford Escort ZX2 you need to use the low pressure fill port. It is located on the larger of the two hoses coming off the compressor.

Replace a water pump in a 2002 ford escort?

how do you remove the water pump in a 2002 ford escort

Can you use a 2002 Ford Escort starter in your 1995 Ford Escort?


Where is the inertia switch located in a 2002 Ford Escort?

The 2002 Ford Escort owners manual shows : either on the right side of the trunk , behind the trunk liner or in the drivers footwell , behind the kick panel depending on application

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