Where is the thermostat in a 1994 mercury topaz?


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where is the thermostat


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does some one know the fireing block numbers for a 1994 mercury topaz 4

Follow the Upper Hose toward the motor and when it ends, that's the housing.

The 1994 Mercury Topaz has a chain and not a belt.

follow the upper radiator hose to the thermostat housing

Follow top rad. hose. It's in that housing.

the thermostat is underneath the manifold, follow the top radiator hose and unbolt the manifold. fairly simple.

Sorry , no ansewer because no Topaz 1995 ; last production was 1994.

Just follow the top rad hose. It's in the housing.

Mercury Topaz was created in 1983.

Either the thermostat was not the problem, or you put it in backwards.

Should be at the lower rear of engine on driver's side

Look at your radiator. Find the upper hose. Follow it towards the engine. At the end will be your thermostat housing. Guess whats inside?

open the drivers door the answer is there on a sticker. every car has this.

Take out the olod radiator, put in the new one and done

i have an 87 topaz where the alternator goes bad also. have replaced it twice. it is just a common problem in the topaz's

If you fallow the rad hose off the top of rad there will be a body that the hose is clamped on to at the motor it will be under there

picture of the fan relay for 1993 mercury topaz

On the top drivers side of the engine where the upper radiator hose connects. The thermostat is in the same assembly that the Fan sensor screws into and is removed by taking out 2 bolts.

look in the glove box, there should be a sticker that shows everything

where The top radiator hose connects onto the engine , you can see that there are 2 bolts holding that metal round piece there . Take those two bolts off and there is your thermostat.

picture on how to replace a water pump for mercury topaz

A 1991 mercury topaz has drum brakes on the rear wheels.

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